How to Write Meeting Minutes in Zoom

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What are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes are a written record of the events that took place during a meeting. They may include essential topics discussed, decisions made, and action items that need to be completed. Having accurate and up-to-date meeting minutes is a useful way to keep everyone involved in the meeting informed and organized.

Why are Meeting Minutes so Important?


Meeting minutes provide an accurate record of decisions made and tasks assigned that can be referenced to later on for accountability.


Accurate meeting minutes serve as legal documentation for events, including board or shareholder meetings, staff meetings, and negotiations.

Keep track

Meeting minutes help track progress and set the next steps in any process. Minutes document the progress of a project and also provide a means of measuring organizational performance and progress.

How to Write Meeting Minutes in


Unfortunately, the absence of a feature for automatically taking meeting minutes results in manual minute taking. This can prove to be a tedious process.  

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What is jamie?

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jamie is an AI meeting assistant that can be used across all meeting software programs and even in on-site meeting rooms, without the need for integrations, bots or plugins.

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