See what's new to jamie & the updates we have shipped.

March 28, 2023

⚡️ Improved Action Items

We have improved the extraction capabilities of jamie to detect immediate tasks and decisions more accurately from meetings. This means that the action item output will be more useful to our customers.

March 24, 2023

📝 Transcriptions for Meetings

Sometimes you want to go back to the exact moments of a meeting to get down to the details, we understand. That's why you can now view the transcripts of your meetings right inside jamie. You still get the summaries you love while getting the chance to review specific details. Kinda like the best of both worlds.

March 22, 2023

🎧 Headphone Mode for macOS (beta)

You asked for it, we (finally) built it. After weeks of trying to get headphone mode on mac to work (which was harder than we anticipated), we are delighted to announce that an implementation is now live in the product. As there are still some edge cases where headphone mode on macOS does not work as expected, we released this in beta for now. If there is anything you notice, please drop us a message any time.

🧠 Speaker Memory

We are excited to finally ship speaker memory to jamie. This means that jamie will automatically remember the names of the people you identified in earlier meetings and automatically pre-fills their names. Hopefully this saves you some time here and there ⏱️.

☑️ Summary Output Selection

The output you want to get out of a meeting can vary significantly from meeting to meeting. This is why we added a selection screen to so you can quickly decide whether you want notes, executive summary, or action items. jamie automatically remembers your preferences for the next time you are in a meeting. Action items are in beta for now as we are looking for ways to improve the accuracy of the extraction.

💎 Improvements

  • Auto update now works without annoying notifications and is more stable
  • Speaker diarization improved so it is more accurate and decreased the likelihood of mixed voices in audio clips for identification
  • Added brief/extensive modes for the summary
  • Added a new onboarding flow to make it easier to get started with jamie
  • Added a visualisation to check the quality of your audio signal to avoid cases of poor summary quality caused by poor audio signal
  • Changed jamie application window to work as a standalone window on mac instead of the tray-bar window

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed Google Calendar/Outlook Calendar Integration to more robustly send notifcations
  • Fixed many edge cases causing summary failures for users yielding more robust results
  • Increased the overall stability of the application
January 17, 2023

🗣 Better Summaries With Speaker Diarization

Despite jamie already providing impressive summaries in some scenarios, we often got the feedback from our users that the quality of summaries could be improved. Hence, we started to work on ways to improve the quality of summaries. One of the core elements we believe will have a tremendous impact on the quality of summaries is identifying who is saying what. With this release, we are excited to ship the first implementation of speaker diarization. This allows us to detect different speakers in a meeting based on their voice. This way, the transcripts we use for the generation of summaries are much more structured.

🎧 Introducing Headphone Mode

We all know that most of us are using headphones while being in calls. That's why we are excited to ship headphone mode to jamie with this release. This allows jamie to capture the system audio output together with the microphone. This way, you can finally start using jamie even if you are using headphones. We start off by shipping this to Windows and will add it to macOS soon.

💎 Improvements

  • UI improvements for countless screens within the application
  • Improved the UI of the feedback box
  • Improved click behaviour of summary rating
  • Added setting for target language of summary (automatic translation)
  • Integration of Google Calendar

🐞 Fixes

  • jamie now automatically stops the recording when you put your computer to sleep
  • jamie remembers your authentication between starts
  • jamie auto start on system start up now works more reliably across operating systems