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Mastering Board Meeting Minutes: Best Practices and Strategies

Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Board Meeting Minutes: Learn how to capture the essence of boardroom decisions with precision. In this article, we delve into the world of board meeting minutes, unraveling the key strategies and best practices that can transform your board minutes from being a simple official record to a powerful tool for informed decision-making.


Writing meeting minutes for board meetings is a vital yet often overlooked aspect of organizational governance. When looking through these unassuming documents, one might not think that they actually hold the keys to the decision-making processes and strategic insights of an organization in their hands.

Whether you are an experienced board member yourself, someone new to the role of board secretary, or are simply curious about the aspects of and reasons for writing board meeting minutes, join us in this journey to understand and master the world of board meeting minutes.

Let's dive right in, but first, there is one important question that needs answering:

What Are Board Meeting Minutes?

Board meeting minutes are formal written records of the discussions and decisions taken during a meeting of an organization's board of directors. These minutes serve as an official and legal record that documents the process and outcomes of the meeting.

To put it simply: Board meeting minutes capture everything that was discussed during a board meeting. They serve as a future reference point as they hold key detail information, such as any topics that were talked about, the decisions made, and responsibilities attributed to different (regular) board members, or the executive director.

A picture of a boardroom, in which board meetings usually take place

Elements of Board Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting Details: Date, time, and location/venue of the meeting

2. Attendees: List of meeting attendees and absentees, usually made up of all board members

3. Call to Order: Usually, the board meeting is called to order by the board chair

4. Approval of previous meeting minutes: If applicable, the beginning of a board meeting is used to approve the board minutes of previous meetings.

5. Agenda: Overview of action items that were discussed during the board meeting

6. Discussion: Detailed meeting notes on all discussions and decisions for each agenda item

7. Reports: If applicable, add a description of any reports or presentations shared with the board during the meeting

8. Voting Record: Overview of voting outcomes regarding individual agenda items and discussions, usually labeled as [number] "Yes", [number] "Against", and [number] "Abstain".

9. Action Items: List of all action items resulting from the board meeting

10. Adjournment: Time marking the end of the board meeting

A picture of a person taking board meeting minutes

Why Should You Take Minutes for Board Meetings?

There are multiple reasons why organizations should create board meeting minutes. Essentially, they are taken to maintain transparency, accountability, and legal compliance within an organization. But let's dive into this in more detail:


Writing board meeting minutes is a crucial aspect of corporate governance, as it allows organizations to be transparent with stakeholders, including shareholders, members, and even authorities about discussions and decisions taken during board meetings. Thus, board meeting minutes serve as a brief explanation of what is actually going on behind closed doors.


Board meeting minutes act as a formal record to document who is responsible for what tasks and decisions. By having board minutes in place, organizations promote greater accountability among members, as it helps ensure that agreed-upon decisions and actions are actually carried out.

Official and Legal Record

In many areas, whether that be geographical or industry-related, organizations are legally required to hold an official record of each board meeting. This allows organizations to provide evidence in case of a legal dispute or audits, which can help prove that a board carries out its duties in compliance with any state laws and regulations. Who knew that keeping board meeting minutes could effectively mitigate risk?

Efficient Decision-Making

Especially in the instance that new members are joining the board of directors, it can be beneficial to have official records of previous meeting's minutes. It not only supports new members in getting acquainted with the organization and the board, but it also ensures organizational learning in general. By reviewing previous meeting's minutes, boards can refine their corporate governance practices for the organization.

A picture of group of people taking part in a board meeting

The Power of Technology: More Effective Board Meeting Minutes

Increasingly, even the most traditional aspects of business are getting a digital makeover. For years, board secretaries have taken up the task to write minutes during board meetings, ensuring actuate records of every discussion, decision, and action. However, taking meeting minutes has always been has been a manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process.

Well, that was before Artificial Intelligence (AI) could enter the boardroom.

jamie: Taking Minutes Effortlessly

Now, add AI-generated meeting assistants, such as jamie, to the picture and you will see that writing effective board minutes is not that much of a task for your board secretary anymore. jamie is equipped with natural language processing generative AI capabilities, making the capturing of important details a breeze for meeting minutes.

Simply press "start jamie" at the beginning of any board meeting and topic-based meeting notes will be generated just like magic. By automating the transcription and summarization process, board members can focus on what really counts during a board meeting: discussing action items and deriving at decisions that will move the organization forward.

A screenshot of the AI meeting assistant jamie, recording a board meeting to generate board meeting minutes

Searchable Board Meeting Minutes

Next to receiving effective board meeting minutes without actually requiring a human minutes taker, one of the key benefits of having an AI meeting assistant, is the storage of meeting notes all in easily searchable digital archives.

The best part, previous meeting's minutes can easily be retrieved at the click of a button. Furthermore, jamie allows you to look for specific information, for instance, important discussions on a specific date and time, by using its systematic search function.

Simply ask a question about a specific board meeting, such as "What did we agree upon in our most recent board meeting?", and jamie will look through all meeting minutes until it finds the right information. In case one needs additional notes, jamie can be asked further questions and provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

An infographic for jamie's feature "Ask jamie anything" which can be used to search for information in previous meetings' minutes

So why not give it a try here and see how effective meeting minutes are not a task for board secretaries anymore, jamie is much better at taking minutes, so you can focus on the upcoming agenda item.

Try jamie for free.

How to Take Minutes for a Boarding Meeting?

Board Meetings are the core of corporate governance, thus allowing a company to work towards its mission while being aligned with shareholder's interests. Board meeting rooms are where decisions are made, strategies are devised, and actions are set in motion. Capturing this information is of great essence not only to the board of directors themselves but to the entire organization.

So being able to write effective meeting minutes for board meetings is crucial for many aspects. But where should one start? Here are some tips on how to take minutes for a board meeting:

Focus on Key Elements Only

During the board meeting, try to focus on the most important aspects of the discussions and decisions. Instead of providing a complete transcript (that's what software tools like jamie are for), concentrate on writing down the key discussion points, decisions, and actions to have all relevant information captured in your board minutes.

Use a Structure For Your Board Minutes

As board meeting minutes are usually structured in the same format, why not try using a template for your next board meeting? In the next section, we will introduce you to two different board meeting minutes templates that each have a section for all relevant elements of board minutes.

Stay Objective

When writing board meeting minutes, try to keep an objective voice in the documentation of key discussion points, decisions, and agreed-upon actions. Avoid introducing personal opinions or biases into the document, by focusing on the facts.

Review and Share Meeting Minutes Promptly

After the board meeting, it is crucial to review and edit your notes as soon as possible. This way you can assure that your notes are accurate and can be distributed in time. Only then will board members be able to use the meeting minutes to further create value for the organization and its stakeholders.

A picture of someone writing board meeting minutes

Board Meeting Minutes Templates

Although AI meeting assistants are increasingly taking over board rooms, it is still essential to have a clear understanding of the basic elements of taking effective meeting notes. Essentially, all board meeting minutes follow a certain structure, which makes it a straightforward process and provides the opportunity to apply a board meeting template for an even more effortless writing process.

In the following, we have provided you with two templates: one of them being a standard and the other a more simplified version of a board meeting minutes template. You are welcome to apply either of them to your next meeting.

In the process, why not try combining your own meeting minutes strengths with that of jamie? Simply let jamie run in the background of your next meeting and copy jamie's meeting notes into the appropriate section of your template. This way, you can save time and your meeting minutes are of even greater quality than they have been before.

Standard Board Meeting Minutes Template

Simplified Board Meeting Minutes Template

Mastering Board Meeting Minutes

While the importance of board meeting minutes has been overlooked by some, we have now established how crucial it is to take effective board minutes to ensure that organizations can foster transparency, accountability, and risk mitigation with ease.

Becoming a master in writing board meeting minutes can take some time and practice. But with the right tools and strategies, you can easily take your board minutes to the next level. So let's get back to it, especially now that you have a little joker up your sleeve: jamie, your next AI assistant for becoming the master of meeting minutes that your board truly deserves.

This is a screenshot of the AI-meeting note tool jamie. It captures relevant talking points automatically and creates a meeting summary with no effort.

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