Building AI that eliminates
busy-work once and for all.

Safe. Proactive. Magical.

Our Story

jamie started out of our frustration of wasting time on busy-work. In our days, we spend countless hours on things that don't require us to actively think. Time that should be used for more useful activities.

In early 2023 we launched jamie as an AI-based meeting note taking application that generates human-like notes for any meeting. Since then thousands of people have signed up for jamie and became trusted customers.

Our focus today goes far beyond meeting notes. Our mission is to eliminate busy-work once and for all by applying AI at the right places in an individual's workflow. We want to give people the time back they deserve so they can focus on meaningful work.

With our rapidly growing customer base and team, we are excited to build a product that feels magical and is intuitive to use.

Our incredible investors

We're privileged to have incredible investors join our mission of building a world without busy-work.

Tom Bachem

Founder Code University

Bjoern Keune

Founder Invincible Brands

Matthias Schrader


Dr. Marcell Vollmer

CEO MV Procu


Silicon Valley-based Accelerator

Dr. Thomas Fries

Founder FRT

Dr. Matthias Müller-Lindenberg

Leadership Advisor

Gennadi Tschernow


Norbert Neef

Partner Neef Legal

Dr. Matthias Rüping

Founder VC law firm RSR

Martin Eggert

Founder David+Martin

David Stephan

Founder David+Martin