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Top 7 tl;dv Alternatives to Revolutionize Your Meetings

Explore top 7 tl;dv alternatives: Enhance meeting productivity with innovative AI tools for effective note-taking, transcriptions, and summaries.

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tl;dv is an interesting AI assistant that helps you manage your meetings and improve overall teamwork. It offers a lot of helpful features like online meeting recording, accurate transcript creation, note-taking, and meeting summarization.

But not every app is for everyone. Maybe you don't need all the tools tl;dv has to offer. Or perhaps you prefer a more customized solution that fits your work needs.

Whatever the reason, if you're looking for an alternative to tl;dv, we've got you covered.

Enjoy 🙂

Our Top 7 tl;dv Alternatives

Each option on this list aims to provide a unique solution that brings something new to the table. Now, let's talk about the pros and cons of each alternative and discover what makes them different.

1. jamie - Summarize Any Meeting

jamie website

It’s not surprising that jamie is our top pick on this list. It's the perfect solution for tackling unproductive meetings.

jamie is an AI meeting assistant that can help you create outstanding meeting minutes or notes in your language.

But that's not all. jamie also provides you with a ChatGPT-like experience to review your previous meetings and get valuable insights.

asking ai questions related to meetings

You can also find all the important information, like past meeting summaries and upcoming events, on your jamie dashboard. It's an easy way to get a good overview of your notes.

Once the meeting is over, jamie can help by providing a summary, meeting notes, and a transcript. You will also have access to all the decisions and action items that were discussed during the meeting.

Action items generated by jamie

And another thing: jamie is a native app on your device, so there is no need to worry about it joining your meetings as a virtual meeting bot.

All of this sets jamie apart from most AI meeting assistants, letting you focus on participating in meetings and creating value that matters.

Jamie Features

  • Language detection: jamie can automatically detect meeting language and generate notes in over 15 languages.
  • High flexibility: Jamie is built to run natively on both macOS and Windows and is integrated into your menu bar. It means that it works across all meeting software, including offline meetings. You don't have to worry about any integrations or invites to calendars, making the workflow seamless without needing any kind of login or registration.
  • Personal Highlights and Action Items: jamie can help you become a skilled note-taker by extracting important tasks from discussions and turning them into actionable decisions.
  • Ask jamie anything: No one wants to go through meeting notes later manually. That’s why, with the Ask jamie anything feature, you can ask about past meetings and get relevant answers.

Jamie Pros

  • You don't need to worry about integrating with any online meeting software when you use jamie. That means you can enjoy your workflow without logging in or registering.
  • With jamie, you don't have to read long meeting transcripts anymore. You can get automated meeting notes, action items, and executive summaries.
  • No more annoying plugins or awkward meeting bots that distract you or your clients.
  • There is also a personal highlighting feature, so you can easily find and bring up whatever interests you.

Jamie Cons

  • If you want to analyze video recordings of your calls, note that jamie does not provide this feature to maintain a certain level of privacy during meetings.
  • Also, jamie doesn’t currently offer an option to collaborate in notes. But we are actively working on this feature, so stay tuned for updates. ✌

Jamie Pricing

Jamie has three different paid plans to choose from, depending on how many meeting credits you need each month.

Here's what you get with each plan:

  • Standard Monthly: This plan costs 24€ per month and gives you 15 monthly meeting credits. Your meetings can last up to 90 minutes, and you'll also get access to the "Ask Jamie Anything" feature.
  • Pro Monthly: This plan costs 47€ monthly and gives you 40 meeting credits. Your meetings can last up to 90 minutes.
  • Executive Monthly: This plan costs 99€ monthly and gives you 100 meeting credits. Your meetings can last up to 90 minutes.

Jamie vs. tl;dv

Both jamie and tl;dv share the same goal of making meetings more productive through features like meeting summarization, note-taking, and transcript creation with speaker recognition.

Both tools also work with popular meeting software, but jamie stands out as a native app on macOS and Windows, eliminating the need for integrations, extensions, and unwanted notifications.

That means jamie works with both in-person and virtual meetings. You can just hit start and get a summary of your meeting in just a few seconds.

However, tl;dv provides the option to record the video of your meetings, which offers a visual component to complement your meeting notes. You can set timestamps, create highlights, and share clips. 

On the other hand, jamie prioritizes the audio aspect of your meetings. It analyzes the audio to generate tasks and provides a summary to jumpstart your day after the meeting.

So which one should you choose? Consider if you need a visual layer for your meeting notes. If so, tl;dv may be a good fit. But if you're looking for a native solution that you can trust and works seamless in the backgournd, jamie is the way to go.

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2. Fathom - Smart, Automated Meeting Notes

fathom website

Image credit: Fathom

Fathom is an AI-powered meeting assistant that can help you take notes and create summaries during video calls. You can easily highlight a portion of your call, and Fathom will automatically summarize what was spoken, saving you time and effort.

Once the call is over, you can access the fully transcribed recording with highlights. Fathom also offers a user-friendly interface for reviewing and editing the generated notes.

It supports seven languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

Fathom Features

  • Fathom Team Edition is a productivity tool that can help you keep all your team's customer calls recorded and transcribed in a single, searchable location.
  • Fathom creates highlights that showcase the most important points of the meeting in video form.
  • It can automatically generate and sync call notes to all the right places in your CRM.
  • Seamlessly integrates with various platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.

Fahtom Pros

  • There are multiple integrations available with Salesforce, HubSpot, and Slack to make your work more convenient.
  • The Fathom Team Edition allows you to save time on data entry by automating post-call data sync.
  • It's completely free for individuals, making it an appealing option.

Fathom Cons

  • It only supports seven languages.
  • Its limited to Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams.

Fathom Pricing

There are two options available: a free edition and a paid Team Edition. If you choose to upgrade to the Team Edition, you will have access to two paid plans:

  • Standard: This plan costs $32 per user per month and provides you with access to all the important features.
  • Pro: This plan costs $39 per user per month and includes additional features such as CRM Sync, Zapier Integration, and Advanced Access Controls.

Fathom vs. tl;dv

Both tools are available for free and can be used to transcribe meetings. However, tl;dv supports more languages compared to Fathom.

It is also very user-friendly, allowing users to create clips with ease. Additionally, users can select multiple clips and combine them to form a reel, which is a great option for those who want to be able to access visual meeting moments.

On the other hand, Fathom places a big emphasis on providing AI analytics on talk-time. This feature is particularly useful for sales teams who want to improve their performance.

Fathom can also help reduce the time spent on data entry with automated post-call data sync with your preferred CRM. And it also offers keyword alerts, making it an interesting option for sales teams.

The choice between the two tools may depend on whether you need more specific features like the ones tailored for sales.

3. Sembly - Smart AI Team Assistant

Sembly website

Image credit: Sembly

Sembly is a comprehensive AI-powered tool designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of professional meetings.

It can help you transcribe and generate smart meeting notes with summaries, discussed topics, and their details, making it easier to review and recall the key points of a meeting.

Besides, Sembly can identify tasks, activities, and projects mentioned in meetings, helping organize workflows and integrate them with task management tools.

Sembly also integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Sembly Features

  • Sembly takes detailed notes during meetings, capturing important decisions, issues, and other key points.
  • It provides concise, intelligent summaries of meetings, highlighting discussed topics and their details.
  • Sembly enables users to search through past meetings using keywords, items, or attendee names.
  • It recognizes and lists potential risks and issues discussed in meetings.
  • The platform offers insights into meeting attendance and the time saved using Sembly.
  • Sembly allows the use of in-meeting voice commands to trigger specific actions or insights.

Sembly Pros

  • Sembly can attend a meeting on your behalf and quickly review the notes from the call.
  • It's very easy to recall your past meetings with access to time-stamped notes and bookmarks.
  • It's great for follow-ups. You can create, edit, and share your meeting minutes with others using automatic Meeting Notes.

Sembly Cons

  • Sembly supports a lot of different languages. However, most of these languages are in beta, which may not be fully functional.

Sembly Pricing

Sembly does offer four different pricing plans:

  • Personal Plan: Free. Includes 4 hours of monthly recording, 1-hour upload limit, and basic features like meeting transcription and calendar integration.
  • Professional Plan: $15/month (monthly). Offers unlimited recording, a 5-hour upload limit, and advanced features such as multi-language support and AI meeting summaries.
  • Team Plan: $29/user/month (monthly). Includes unlimited recording and upload (10 hours per user), with features like workspace analytics and CRM integrations.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for 40+ users. Features unlimited recording and upload, advanced CRM integrations, and dedicated support.

Sembly vs. tl;dv

Both tools can assist businesses in running more productive meetings. They offer helpful features for transcribing, creating notes, generating summaries, and video clips.

Sembly has some unique features, such as voice commands and recognizing/listing potential risks, which makes this tool stand out. Also, it can keep you informed without attending a meeting by sending a bot.

On the other hand, tl;dv offers better language support for creating transcriptions. Users can also quickly create and share video clips, which is a great option for those who want to access visual meeting moments.

While there aren't any major differences between these tools, it ultimately comes down to specific features you may want, user interface, language support, or pricing differences.

4. Otter - Real-Time Transcriptions Software

Otter AI website

Image credit: Otter

Otter is an AI-powered meeting assistant tool that enables teams to transcribe and summarize conversations from all their meetings.

It integrates with popular video conferencing tools like Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. Otter also lets you import and transcribe video and audio files that have been pre-recorded.

Besides, Otter offers a tailored solution for sales that automatically extracts sales insights, writes follow-up emails, and pushes call notes to Salesforce and HubSpot.

Otter's Features

  • You can connect Otter to your Microsoft or Google calendar, and it will join and record your meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.
  • You get an option to chat live with Otter bot and your teammates during the meeting. You can easily ask questions and get relevant answers instantly.
  • Otter records audio and takes notes in real time, so you can fully engage in the conversation and not worry about taking notes.
  • You can highlight key takeaways to reference them later.

Otter Pros

  • Otter automatically joins your meeting and provides real-time notes.
  • You can collaborate with your teammates live in the transcript by highlighting key points, adding comments, and assigning action items.
  • Otter also offers a Chrome extension, integrations with many popular apps and Android and iOS applications.

Otter Cons

  • Otter only supports the English language and some regional accents.

Otter Pricing

Here's the list of Otter's pricing plans:

  • Basic: This free plan allows you to try out the service. It provides access to 300 monthly transcription minutes and lets you generate records and transcriptions and capture slides.
  • Pro: This plan starts at $10 per user/month and includes everything in the Basic plan, plus more features like advanced search and export and increased transcription minutes.
  • Business: This plan starts at $20 per user/month and includes everything in the Pro plan, plus admin features and an even greater number of transcription minutes.
  • Enterprise: advanced options designed for teams and organizations.

Otter vs. tl;dv

If you're searching for a reliable transcription tool that can get the job done, Otter is worth considering. While it only supports the English language, it excels at interpreting various accents, including American, Chinese, and Indian, among others.

On the other hand, tl;dv excels in providing accurate transcriptions in more than 25 major languages. Not only can it transcribe meetings, but it also has a translation feature with support for different languages.

Both Otter and tl;dv work seamlessly with popular platforms like Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. However, tl;dv has the upper hand when it comes to transcribing in multiple languages, and it offers unlimited transcriptions in its free plan.

However, Otter has its own unique features that set it apart from its competitors. OtterPilot for Sales is an interesting tool that automatically extracts sales insights, writes follow-up emails, and pushes call notes to Salesforce and HubSpot.

Otter also offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android that can help you improve your meetings using your phone, but it currently only supports the English language.

Ultimately, the choice between Otter and tl;dv depends on your language needs and preferences. Both tools can significantly boost productivity during meetings and improve teamwork.

5. Wudpecker - Summaries, Action Items, Insights

Wudpecker website

Image credit: Wudpecker

Wudpecker is an AI meeting assistant that enhances productivity and knowledge management during meetings. It offers efficient summarization of long conversations, turning them into actionable insights and concise notes.

Wudpecker can also provide reliable summaries, eliminating the need for users to sift through lengthy transcripts. It integrates with various workflows, offering a convenient way to share notes and insights with colleagues.

Wudpecker's capabilities extend to both online and offline settings, ensuring comprehensive note-taking in any meeting environment.

Wudpecer Features

  • Wudpecker condenses long conversations into concise, knowledge-rich summaries.
  • Wudpecker provides factual numbers and actionable insights from meetings.
  • It is capable of taking notes for both in-person and online meetings.
  • Wudpecker helps in storing and organizing meeting insights and action items.
  • It assists in tracking project deliverables and responsibilities.

Wudpecker Pros

  • Automatically takes notes in both in-person and online meetings, ensuring no important details are missed.
  • Offers chatGPT-powered summaries and transcripts, making it easy to review meetings and find important insights quickly.
  • Support for a wide range of languages.

Wudpecker Cons

  • Wudpecker works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, but it currently doesn't have integrations with other platforms.

Wudpecker Pricing

  • Free Plan: $0/mo billed monthly; Offers ten free meetings per month, shareable recordings and notes, transcriptions, email notifications, customizable notes, and integrations.
  • Plus Plan: $16/mo billed monthly; Includes 30 meetings per month, advanced features like Ask Wudpecker 2.0, customizable notetaker settings, and access to beta features.
  • Pro Plan: $30/mo billed monthly; Provides everything in Plus for up to 100 meetings per month, with enhanced customization and productivity features for power users.

Wudpecker vs. tl;dv

Wudpecker is more suitable for recording in-person meetings and taking notes. It also provides various templates to help you organize your meetings, although you have to paste them as a prompt manually right now.

On the other hand, tl;dv offers a range of features for recording meetings, including setting timestamps, creating highlights, and sharing clips. This makes it easier to recall the key moments from the meeting. In addition, tl;dv's free plan offers unlimited recordings.

Both options are great for improving the productivity of meetings and can significantly improve your workflow.

6. Fireflies.ai - Automate Your Meeting Notes

Fireflies website

Image credit: Fireflies

Fireflies is another useful meeting assistant powered by AI technology. It can be used to record, transcribe, and search conversations that have been recorded. This makes it easier for teams to share and search for transcripts/summaries of meetings.

Fireflies can enhance your meetings by identifying action items, tasks to do, and questions. It can even help identify potential risks or condense your meeting notes into actionable bullet points.

Fireflies also provides a mobile app, a Chrome extension, and integrates with various apps like Google Docs, Hubspot, and Zapier.

Fireflies Features

  • Fireflies can transcribe meetings across various video-conferencing apps, dialers, and audio files. It captures both video and audio.
  • The platform allows for quick review of meetings and identifying action items, tasks, and questions.
  • Users can add comments, pins, and reactions to specific conversation parts, create soundbites, and share meeting notes.
  • It offers features like tracking speaker talk time, sentiment analysis, monologue identification, and other metrics, useful for coaching and team development.
  • The AI assistant can log call notes and activities in CRMs, create tasks with voice commands, and share meeting recaps instantly on various collaboration platforms.
  • There is a mobile app available.

Fireflies Pros

  • Fireflies has a lot of unique analytics features like sentiment analysis to detect the call's positive, negative, and neutral statements.
  • You can use voice commands, for example, to schedule a follow-up task.
  • Fireflies also creates a knowledge base from all your conversations and helps you organize your meetings.

Fireflies Cons

  • Right now, Fireflies doesn't support multiple languages in the same meeting and cannot detect the language automatically.

Fireflies Pricing

Fireflies offers four different pricing plans:

Fireflies offers four different pricing plans:

  • Free: Billed monthly at $0. Includes access to basic features, unlimited transcription, and 800 mins of storage.
  • Pro: Billed monthly at $18. It offers all Free features, plus 8000 mins of storage/seat, AI apps, and more features.
  • Business: Billed monthly at $29. Includes everything in the Pro Plan, with unlimited transcription, conversation intelligence, and team insights.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing. Provides all Bussines Plan features, unlimited storage, custom integrations, and dedicated account management.

Fireflies vs. tl;dv

Both tools are very helpful when it comes to organizing moments and clips from your meetings. With the ability to leave comments and reactions at different parts of calls, you can save memorable moments from calls into easily shareable snippets.

Additionally, both tools give you the option to create transcriptions and generate notes with the help of AI.

Fireflies offers many unique features that can help you get more detailed insights and a better understanding of your conversations. For example, it lets you conduct sentiment analysis, identify the longest monologue and talk-to-listen ratio.

On the other hand, tl;dv has a lot of powerful features for recording and sharing clips. Users can select multiple clips and combine them to form a reel, making sharing video information easier.

The choice between these two tools may depend on specific features, such as the need for conversation intelligence and analytics or the flexibility, ease of use, and ability to share generated notes and clips with others.

7. Supernormal - Smart, Automated Meeting Notes

Supernormal website

Image credit: Supernormal

Supernormal is an AI-powered tool that can help you streamline your meeting note-taking process.

With Supernormal, you can easily record, transcribe, and generate notes from meetings on Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams without taking notes manually.

Plus, you can access and search all your meeting notes from one central location, so you never have to worry about losing important information.

It will also help you manage action items, create customizable templates, and share notes after meetings.

Supernormal Features

  • Automatically join your meetings and record them on Google Meet, MS Teams, and Zoom.
  • Share your recorded meeting and notes with colleagues.
  • Access and review notes and recordings anytime.
  • Receive the most critical points and action items from your meetings.
  • You can also create templates that fit your unique note-taking style.

Supernormal Pros

  • Supernormal offers templates for note-taking that match different meeting types, including 1:1, client, interview, or team sync.
  • It offers a helpful way to access your notes after the meeting and share them with others.
  • You can sync your meeting notes directly with different CRM tools, like Hubspot, including key insights and action items.

Supernormal Cons

  • Currently, language support is not equally available on every platform.
  • You may experience unexpected results if you speak a different language while recording than the one you set in your language preferences settings.

Supernormal Pricing

Supernormal offers three pricing plans for different use cases:

  • Starter: This free option allows you to try out Supernormal. You can use its AI meeting assistant in Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams. This plan gives you 10 monthly meetings and 1000 minutes of storage.
  • Pro: The pricing starts at $10 per user/month and includes everything in the Starter plan. Additionally, it offers unlimited meetings, more meeting templates, etc.
  • Business: The pricing starts at $19 per user/month and is designed for companies that need to connect multiple teams and tools.

Supernormal vs. tl;dv

Both tools are great examples of how AI can enhance meeting productivity by summarizing conversations and determining insights.

Supernormal recommends templates based on your meeting content and discussions. With customizable templates, you can personalize your notes to match your specific needs. 

However, the platform supports fewer languages than tl;dv, and some languages are limited to Google Meet. 

On the other hand, tl;dv offers a range of features for meeting recordings, which include setting timestamps, creating highlights, and sharing clips. This makes it easier to remember key moments from the meeting.

If you're trying to decide which tool is the right fit for you, consider whether you need templates or more advanced video recording features.


How Do You Use tl;dv?

tl;dv is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps to improve online meetings by providing efficient recording, note-taking, and transcription services.

To use it, you can install the tl;dv chrome extension and use it with Google Meet. You can also download the tl;dv desktop app for Mac and Windows to use it with Zoom and MS Teams.

What Are the Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an AI Meeting Assistant?

When choosing an AI meeting assistant, consider:

  • Language support and transcription accuracy.
  • Integration capabilities with existing tools and platforms.
  • Ease of use and user interface.
  • Privacy and security features.
  • Customization options to fit your specific meeting types.
  • Cost and scalability based on team size and usage needs.

If you're having trouble selecting the right tool because you're unsure which meeting platforms to integrate with, you can always choose jamie. It works as a native app on your computer and is compatible with all meeting tools.

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Are These AI Meeting Assistants Suitable for All Types of Businesses?

Yes, AI meeting assistants are generally suitable for all types of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. Their scalability, flexibility, and range of features make them adaptable to various business needs and meeting styles.

What Are the Key Benefits of Using an AI Meeting Assistant?

AI meeting software offers a range of benefits, such as:

  • Time-saving through automated note-taking and transcription.
  • Improved meeting efficiency with summaries and action item identification.
  • Enhanced collaboration, as notes and recordings can be shared easily with team members.
  • Increased engagement in meetings, as participants can focus more on the discussion rather than note-taking.

Can jamie Integrate With My Existing Workflow?

Yes, jamie can integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow and meeting platforms. It is designed to run natively on macOS and Windows, making it compatible across all meeting software. This means you don’t need to worry about specific integrations or calendar invites.

jamie's ensures it can easily adapt to various workflow environments, enhancing the efficiency of your meeting process without major changes to your current system.

Final Thoughts: Key Questions To Ask

As you can see, many tools can improve your overall work productivity, meeting experience, and collaboration among team members.

If you're still having trouble deciding on the right software, try asking yourself a few questions:

  • What feature is most important to me?
  • What languages are essential for me? Is English alone enough?
  • Do I need something more specific that most tools may not offer?
  • Which integrations are essential to me?
  • What types of meetings do I usually attend?
  • What are the biggest daily struggles for me and my team?

Hopefully, this has helped you out, and you are now equipped with the power to drive your business forward.

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