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The 6 Best AI Tools for Meeting Notes in 2023 [Updated]

Are you looking for the best AI meeting tools out there? This blog will help you to get an overview of the best tools out there!

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In a world where we are increasingly reliant on technology, it is no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more to help us with our work. From managing our emails to scheduling our meetings, AI can help us be more productive and efficient in our jobs.

When it comes to physical or virtual meetings, there are a number of AI tools that can be used to help with everything from planning the meeting to taking meeting notes and minutes.

What can an AI meeting assistant do?

Using an AI meeting assistant can help to boost your team's meeting productivity in many ways. Below, we listed a few use cases in which AI can support you in your meetings.

📆 Schedule and organize meetings with meeting participants

🎙️ Record meetings automatically and provide real-time transcription

📝 Take automated AI meeting notes during your team's meetings

📌 Track decisions, highlights, and action items

So now that we know how AI meeting assistants can boost your productivity, let's jump right into it and have a look at the 6 best AI tools out there.

TL;DR Overview

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jamie is a personal AI meeting assistant that takes AI generated meeting notes during your meeting and summaries them within seconds. After the meeting is done, you receive a executive summary, topic based notes and all decisions and tasks of your meeting. You then can edit (if needed) and share your notes with your colleges.

jamie makes sure all important topics and action items are included, so you can focus on participating in the meeting and creating value that matter.


jamie's main features are:

  • Different languages: You can use jamie in more than 15 languages (including accents) and receive great business writing quality meeting notes
  • No virtual meeting bot: Because jamie only records the audio of your meetings and runs natively on MacOS and Windows, there it is no need to confuse your clients with a meeting bot in the call.
  • High flexibility: jamie works across all online meeting software, even offline in a meeting room. This makes it easier then ever to summarize your meetings.
  • Privacy and control: jamie does NOT join every call automatically but first asks for permission to record, so you keep all the controll


  • Focus on great meeting notes and action items instead of long meeting transcripts
  • jamie works across any meeting platform therefore integrates seamlessly into your workflow
  • With the jamie shortcut you can tell jamie to highlight certain information during your meeting that is then included at the top of your summary. This way jamie will make sure you never forget important information ever again


  • If you want to analyze video recordings from your calls or speaker time, jamie is probably not the right tool for you. It only records the audio of your call to insure certain level of privacy during meetings


jamie offers three different paid plans. The Standard plan, for 24€/month, the Pro plan, for 47€/month and the Executive plan for 96€/month.


Otter is a transcription and collaboration tool that helps teams capture and summarize conversations from online meetings. It integrates with leading video conference tools including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Otter also allows users to import and transcribe pre-recorded audio and video files.

Otter.ai: Transcription tool to transcribe meetings in real time
Image Credits: Otter


Otter's main features:

  • Live captions during your online meetings for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet
  • Receive transcripts and automatically generated meeting agendas of your meetings
  • Manually highlight important items in your transcript


  • Transcribe other pre-recorded audio or video files, you can simply upload them to Otters platform
  • Live captions during online meetings, can help to manually select sentences that you believe are important
  • With OtterPilot you can capture slides from a presentation and include them in your meeting notes


  • Unfortunately, Otter only works in English and can therefore not be used in other languages
  • Otter does currently not automatically summarize your meeting notes, but creates a high level agenda that gives user a great overview of what was talked about.
  • Since Otter still focuses on the transcript of online meetings, it might requires time intensive searching in case important information is needed
  • Currently only works for Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams


Otter offers two paid plans starting at 16€/month for the Pro plan and 29€/month for the Business plan. They also offer a free plan with limited features and meeting minutes.


Fireflies is a tool that can be used to record, transcription and search conversations that have been recorded. It helps teams to share and search transcripts of meetings.

This is an image of Fireflies application showing how to transcribe a team's meetings
Image Credits: Fireflies


Fireflies's main features:

  • The Fireflies video conferencing bot will automatically access your calendar and join meetings
  • Fireflies lets you upload pre-recorded audio files to transcribe them
  • Fireflies offers integrations to Dropbox or Onedrive to store long transcripts directly in the cloud


  • Fireflies offers a extension that allows user to communicate with a chatbot that you can ask questions about the meeting, such as "What was the meeting about?"
  • A powerful search function allows you to search for keywords in long transcripts
  • Recently Fireflies announced that they are now also offering other languages next to English, such as German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian


  • It's main focus is still to provide transcripts and therefore, it does not offer automated summaries, meeting notes or action items yet


Fireflies also offers two paid plans, starting at 17€/month for the Pro plan and 28€/month for the Business plan. They also offer a free plan with limited transcription credits and storage.


Sembly is an AI assistant that transforms your meeting discussions into searchable text and analyzes your meeting transcript to give intelligent insights. Sembly allows you to extract specific action items, or other highlights, from your transcript.

This is an image showing the meeting transcriptions of a meeting in the application Sembly
Image Credits: Sembly


Sembly's main features:

  • You can invite Sembly to join your meeting via email or synchronizing your calendar
  • Sembly can create a transcript of your meeting and highlight key items


  • Relatively cheap compared to Otter and Fireflies and jamie
  • Integration in many video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, etc.


  • Sembly is currently only available in English
  • Sembly only works in Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet


Sembly offers two paid plans and one free personal plan. The paid plan for individual lies at around 10€/month and the Team plan at around 15€/month. Their fee plan offers only a limited amount of features, such as audio upload of only 2 hours/month.


The next AI meeting tool is Fathom. It allows its users to create meeting recordings in Zoom and transcripts of those meetings afterwards. Through actively clicking on a button, you can highlight moments in your meeting that will then be marked in the transcript.

Image Credits: Fathom


Fathom's main features are:

  • Highlighting and summarizing short parts of the conversation once the button is clicked
  • Offering full transcriptions of the Zoom call


  • Seamlessly integrates into Zoom and can be used to generate great transcripts
  • Fathom is currently completely free, however the company already announced that they will be charging for new functionalities in the future


  • No automatic AI meeting notes or summaries
  • Fathom can only be used for Zoom and not for other video platform provider


Currently, Fathom is completely free. In the future, users will be charged for new functionalities.


Avoma is an AI meeting tool that can produce transcripts and AI meeting notes for both audio and video meetings. It allows collaborative note-taking during meetings that can then be shared with the team.

This is an image showing an overview of the ai meeting tool Avoma
Image Credits: Avoma


Avoma's main features are:

  • Scheduling, Agenda Templates and collaboration
  • Automatic video and audio recording and transcription
  • Live bookmarking during your calls, so you can remember what was important


  • You can prepare for meetings in short time through collaboration with your entire team
  • Gain insights into conversations through AI driven snippet creation
  • Integration into CRM software so video recordings can be directly safed


  • Focus lies on transcription and analysis of conversations rather than providing AI driven meeting notes and summaries of what has been mentioned
  • Avoma only supports English and only works as an integration in Zoom, Mirosoft Teams, Google Meet and more


Avoma has two paid plans. The Starter plan lies at around 22€/month and the Plus plan at around 40€/month. They also provide a free plan with limited features.

You still don't know what the best tool for you is?

It all boils down to your personal use case and your preferences. So, questions like:

"What language do I speak at work?"
"Do I want a bot to join my video calls?"
"Do I need a full transcript or just the most important key takeaways?"

can determent what AI tool will become your future meeting assistant. One fact that is definitely true is that all of those tools show how far AI has come and that it can help us to boost our productivity in many ways.
Below, we grouped the 6 different tools into subgroups, so you can see what fits best for you.


Only English

  • Otter
  • Fathom
  • Avoma

More languages

  • jamie (inc. English, German, Spanish, French, Italien, Portuguese, Dutch and more)
  • Fireflies (inc. English, German, Spanish, French, Italien, Portuguese, Dutch)
  • Sembly (French and English)

Meeting bot required:

  • Otter (Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Webex)
  • Fireflies (Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Webex, Skype, Dialpad, Lifesize, GoToMeeting)
  • Sembly (Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Webex)
  • Fathom (Zoom only)
  • Avoma (Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, GoToMeeting, Bluejeans, Highfive, Lifesize, UberConference)

This is an example of how Otter.ai joins your video call to record what is being said.

Otter.ai automatically joins and transcribes calendared Zoom meetings |  VentureBeat
Image Credits: Otter

No meeting bot required

  • jamie

This is an example of how jamie appears in your menu bar. jamie does not need to join your video call to record what is being said.

This is an image of jamie, the ai meeting tool assistant in the menu bar
Image Credits: jamie

Transcription, Video Recording and intelligent highlighting

  • Otter
  • Fireflies
  • Sembly
  • Fathom
  • Avoma
Fireflies.ai launches meeting transcription and automated task assignment
Image Credits: Fireflies

Intelligent note-taking and summarization

  • jamie
  • Sembly
This is an image of jamie and a ai meeting summary
Image Credits: jamie

We hope this blog article has helped you to get a better overview of the best AI meeting tools out there. We love to hear your feedback on how these tools - and especially how jamie has changed your meeting productivity.

If you want to try jamie for free now, you can sign up here.

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