May 2024


100 Effective Icebreakers for Meetings

These 100 new, fun, and creative icebreakers for meetings will get everyone talking and having a good time. Say goodbye to awkward silences!

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100 Icebreakers for Meetings To Melt the Silence Away!

icebreakers for meetings

Have you ever been in that awkward situation where none of your team members are talking during a virtual meeting? Thankfully, there is an easier way to avoid that. And that is by breaking the ice with icebreakers!! and we have gathered the best icebreaker questions to melt the silence in every meeting! Grab a pen and paper and get ready, because we're about to make a splash!

Five Minute Ice Breakers Questions

1. What Is a Topic You Could Talk About All Day Long?

This is an interesting question to ask someone if you want to find out what they like! Everybody has a subject or a topic that they can’t stop talking about. This way, you will know what recharges them and it could also open up doors for future conversations. This also improves one’s spirit as people are always happy to talk about their favorite things, making them relax in the group setting.

2. What Is Next on Your Bucket List?

An employee wearing a purple office suit, sky diving, during a snow storm

This question helps you get to know someone's goals and dreams. Giving them the platform to share their dreams can create a sense of connection and understanding with the team. People who share goals feel more motivated and supported, which is great for a team environment!

3. If You Could Be Reborn as Any Person in the World Who Would It Be?

This might sound a little silly, but it's a fun way to learn about who your teammate admires. Maybe it's a historical figure, a celebrity, or even a fictional character! Their answer can reveal their values and what they find inspiring.

4. What Has Been Your Favorite Life Experience?

Everyone has a story to tell! This question allows your teammate to share a positive memory, which can boost their mood and create a more positive atmosphere within the meeting, encouraging other team members to share their favorite life experiences. Plus, you get a glimpse into their past experiences in person too, making you appreciate them as a whole person.

5. What Is the Best Thing That Happened to You This Year?

An employee wearing a purple office suit, graduating, she is extremely happy, during a snowstorm

This question is a celebration in disguise! It allows your teammate to reflect on something happy and share their milestones or best experiences. By sharing them, the meeting will be in a celebratory mood for every team member. It fosters a sense of connection and reminds everyone of the good things in life and best of all, everyone will feel valued.

6. If You Were To Set a Guinness World Record, What Would It Be?

This question is a fun way to spark creativity and see their silly side. Who knows! they might have a hidden talent that no one was aware of. Now they finally get the opportunity to show off! It's a lighthearted way to break the ice and get to know each other on a more personal level.

Funny Get-to-Know-You Icebreaker Questions For Virtual Meetings

If your (virtual) meetings seem a little tense, why not try cracking a few jokes? Use these questions to bring some fun icebreakers into the group and lighten up the office.

7. What Is One Boring Thing About Yourself?

Sometimes it's nice not having to try so hard to be "perfect" or "exciting" all the time, and instead just laughing together at our boring things. On top of everything else though, it also serves as a gentle reminder that none of us are always perfect or exciting when you get down into those mundane little facts about ourselves. Personally, I love this question as it is such a wholesome question that any team or meeting participants would love.

8. What Is the Conspiracy Theory That You 100% Believe In?

an office worker, meeting an alien during a snowstorm

I love hearing different perspectives on things even if they seem crazy to me at first because it helps broaden my knowledge too! Having discussions about these types of topics in a fun way also helps create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe being themselves around others which is great for team building as well! It just gets people thinking outside what we know as normal or true and makes us question everything around us.

9. What Are You in the Top 1% Of?

Some people may not know it, but explaining their expertise can make them feel good and let others around them identify what they’re good at too. This could also help discover some hidden talents or abilities that might be useful for a group in ways nobody thought of before. Recognizing these special skills usually increases self-esteem and inspires the rest of us to think about our strong points as well; besides, finding out what other people’s unique strengths are can always be interesting!

10. If You Were on a Road Trip and You Stopped at a Gas Station, What Food And/or Beverage Would You Get?

grabbing snacks at a gas station during a snow storm

It is a quick method of finding common interests or learning new things about people when they least expect it. In fact, knowing another person’s snack preference for road trips can help us relate better with them by giving us little ways to connect such as getting them their surprise treat. More importantly, though, it does create the kind of conversations that are light-hearted and inclusive where anyone can participate without feeling left out.

11. What Was Your Favorite Childhood Toy/Movie/Book/Experience?

This question is a great way to get people talking and sharing about their past. It creates a sense of unity in the group as everyone starts thinking back on what made them happy during those early years. Such stories often show where someone came from, or who they are deep down inside. They also have the potential to bring individuals closer together in teams and organizations which may otherwise lack empathy for one another’s differences; thus fostering more cohesive work environments overall. And besides....isn’t it nice sometimes just remembering when everything was simple?

12. What’s the Craziest and Funniest Way You Have Been Injured?

This question opens up a space for funny, often ridiculous narratives that can help lighten the atmosphere and make the team laugh. Sharing such incidents makes people feel more comfortable and inclined to share personal stories. It’s an excellent opportunity for bonding over common experiences of clumsy accidents. After all, we know that laughter is the best medicine! it helps to relieve tension and foster companionship among colleagues.

13. Would You Only Eat Hot or Cold Food for the Rest of Your Life?

It is a joking way to start an argument and learn each other’s preferences. Additionally, these questions foster casual relationships among coworkers who might not otherwise have much in common – like finding out that your colleague (that you never talked to) loves mint chocolate ice cream too! ( I know, I know, not many like mint chocolate ice creams, but I do, I in fact LOVE them, I should ask this question to see which team member likes them too!!)

14. Would You Rather Own a Dragon or Be a Dragon? And Why?

Would You Rather Own a Dragon or Be a Dragon? And Why?

Questions like these may provoke an enjoyable conversation that will help create team cultures that are more imaginative as well as open-minded. In fact, this is also one of those things that could make your day at work more interesting than usual.

15. If You Go Back to the Cavemen’s Time What Is the One Thing You Think You Could Invent?

This question motivates people to use their imaginations and think about what they are good at. It’s a great way for them to have fun while also getting them creative thinking about history, technology, and themselves.

16. What Are You Currently Obsessed With?

One of the best ways to find out what we have in common and what we are passionate about is by sharing our current obsessions. It often brings about lively conversation and recommendations too, not to mention that it gives people a chance to show their enthusiasm while gaining knowledge on different activities or topics related to others. What about you? what has been consuming most of your thoughts lately? I hope it's jamie...jamie can be your best AI meeting assistant..wanna know how? Click here!

17. What's Your Superpower? If You Could Have Any Superpower!

an employee wearing a professional purple outfit, using her super power, glowing her hands

Simply ask each member of the group what superpower they would choose for themselves and why. This question invites not only creative responses but also discloses much about an individual's character and priorities. Whether someone wants the ability to fly or be invisible or read minds – through this question you will learn about their desires and inspirations. Used as a fun way to start a meeting, this query will get people thinking outside of conventional boundaries while fostering an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. So tell me, what's your superpower?

18. What Is Your Favorite Game To Play on Your Phone?

It is a fun way to find fresh gaming ideas with your team. Most importantly, it allows one to understand how the other spends their free time. Which game are you currently obsessed with?

19. If You Were Famous, What Would Be Famous For?

It’s a playful method of finding out what drives each other as individuals with different ambitions and personalities. The answers can be serious or funny but they should reveal something about us that we didn’t know before.

20. What Fictional Character Would You Leave Your Partner For?

This fun question allows people to tell each other about their favorite fictional love interests, leading to funny and playful conversations. It’s an enjoyable way to discuss movies, books, or TV shows while also finding out more about someone’s preferences. Who is your imaginary lover? mine is yet again jamie.....I can't go to a meeting without jamie!

21. What Is the Worst Trouble You Got Into as a Kid?

a small kid wearing purple outfit running away from his mother, wholesome picture, laughing and cute

Sharing stories about childhood mischiefs can be funny and insightful. It allows others to see different sides of us and connect through shared experiences of having done something wrong or gotten in trouble before. Laughter usually follows with these answers, along with a sense of longing back to those days gone by.

22. What Smell Do You Love That Other’s Hate?

This oddball question is great at showing individuality and starting humorous conversations. Quirky dislikes and likes are common to everyone, and talking about them can foster empathy. It’s also a good opportunity to learn something fun but unexpected about your coworkers.

23. What Is a Fun Fact About Yourself?

This is a timeless question that requires members to tell their colleagues something fascinating or unusual about themselves. It helps people discover their co-workers’ hidden skills, background, or education. It is always interesting to find out unexpected things about those you work with. So what’s yours? Mine is that I can't go a day without going through the meeting notes that jamie wrote for me while I simply enjoyed my meetings.

24. Two Truths, One Lie

This encourages colleagues to reveal things about themselves and to invent a plausible untruth using their imagination. Moreover, it acts as an excellent conversational starter that can lead to laughter among them while deepening their bond.

25. What Is the TV Show That You Can Watch on Repeat?

We've all got that one show we can't get enough of. Sharing our screen addictions can lead to hilarious revelations, some serious series recommendations, and a whole lot of bonding over shared favorites!

26. What Is the One Food You Could Eat for the Rest of Your Life?

This question is a fun way to talk about our absolute favorites on the menu and perhaps even discover a new must-try dish.

Why not let other team members guess which food the next person might choose? We sometimes know our colleagues better than they think we do.

30. If You Could Be Any TV or Movie Character, Who Would You Pick?

an employee dressed in purple office suit, dressed as batman, purple office setting behind

Tapping into our imaginary selves is a great way to learn about each other's ideal personas. It sparks off fun, lively discussions about why we resonate with certain characters, all while promoting good vibes.

31. What’s the Funniest Thing That Happened to You Recently?

Laughter is indeed the best medicine, and by sharing our recent chuckle-worthy experiences, we're spreading those joy vibes all around. Plus, who doesn't love a good story that makes your team laugh?

32. What’s the Weirdest Fact You Know?

Unleashing our inner trivia geek is always a fun game! This question can lead to an exchange of strange, astonishing, or hilarious facts that keep the conversation lively and fascinating.

33. If You Had a Time Machine, Where and When Would You Go?

This question is a time-travel ticket to our wishes and curiosity about the past or future. Bonus points are handed out to anyone with a creative answer.

34. If You Could Instantly Become an Expert in Something, What Would It Be?

This question is asking you to dream a little! Imagine if you could just snap your fingers and become a pro at anything you want – what fascinating thing would that be?

Funny Icebreakers For Team Meetings

35. If You Were a Ghost, How Would You Haunt People?

scared employee wearing professional purple office suit, running away

It’s funny but answering it also works wonders for your creativity and team building. This activates your imagination which allows you to be more playful with yourself. Also, it’s good as an ice breaker because no one expects such questions and they always bring out laughter immediately making the environment lighter than before... so who knows? You might find out that one of your colleagues has been hiding their talent for telling stories or being funny all along!

36. Team Mayo or No Mayo?

Although it may sound like a dumb question at first, it is actually an interesting method to initiate commonality with everybody. What I find fascinating about it is that it implies that all views are important irrespective of their insignificance. Plus now you know your team member's mayo preference when going out for the next team lunch. Do not overlook people’s mayo choices!

37. A Subject You Wish You Could Retake From High School?

This question will get you thinking and dig deep into your mind bringing up all those nostalgic feelings and maybe revealing a talent or interest you never knew existed. And knowing what you should have learned back then can lead to self-improvement now.

38. What Kind of Traveler Are You? A Relaxed or Adventurer?

When asked this, you get a peek into their minds and how they approach life. For instance, do they take risks, or are they more organized? It’s fun because it brings out different sides of people that we never knew about. And that makes us grow closer. So no matter if someone is laid-back or searching for adrenaline rushes all day long, there will always be interesting conversations waiting to happen around here!

39. If You Could Write a Book, What Would It Be About?

employee wearing a professional office suit, writing a book about his life, inside a purple themed library, oasis

This isn’t to say that everyone wants to be the next J.K. Rowling or James Patterson but each person does have their own life story. The reason why I encourage such questions is that in doing so your team members will realize what matters most to them personally as well as to others around them.

We never know where this awareness might lead somebody to express themselves more openly with others about things they may not have otherwise considered important enough before asking ourselves these questions aloud. What a great opportunity for people’s minds to open up and share their unique perspectives with the world! And who knows…maybe someday there will be books lining up thanks to this conversation starter!

40. What Did You Eat for Breakfast?

Though it may seem like an ordinary question, in reality, it can be used as a good beginning for a team meeting. You are not only making the environment more relaxed when you tell them what you ate but also creating bonding and friendship among colleagues. It’s an opportunity to share common things with others and exchange recipes too maybe. Moreover, who doesn't enjoy talking about food?

41. Have You Ever Been Told That You Look Like Someone Famous?

Though this is such a random question it actually holds value! By reminiscing compliments about your appearance can raise spirits and establish connections faster than the Internet signal.

42. If You Were Given a Song To Sing, What Song Would You Sing?

An employee wearing a purple office suit, singing in a rock concert, during a snow storm, cinematic, snow on his outfit, ice cube-themed concert

Asking about the song one would sing brings up personality and preferences which are unique in every human being. Music has always been recognized as the universal language thus sharing an individual’s favorite tune may foster relationships and ignite discussions on mutual hobbies. For example, somebody might learn that their coworker can belt out “Bohemian Rhapsody” like nobody’s business or perform “Let It Go” from Frozen word for word.

45. What Would You Do if the Day Had 25 Hours?

This question lets people get imaginative and share their true passions. It’s interesting because you can find out what your teammates value doing the most, which can create stronger relationships with them; Also it’s cool to see who would use this time for work or catching up on Netflix shows. Mine would be sleeping an extra hour. I got to have my beauty sleep!

46. Introduce Yourself Without Mentioning What You Do for Work

It’s an interesting method to get to know your coworkers on a more personal level. Instead of telling people about their occupations, they can talk about their hobbies or interests that are unique to them as individuals. This is like looking through someone’s window into another life outside of work – and finding out that your colleague loves cooking or running marathons! Ask yourself, who do we become after leaving our desks?

I become a burrito.

47. What’s the Latest Thing in Your Life That You Felt Had a Positive Impact on You?

Sharing recent positive experiences is like spreading sunshine; it’s brightening and can motivate others to look on the sunny side too. It’s also a good opportunity to get to know someone better and find out about their personal development or achievements. Maybe they’ve just finished reading an amazing book, or started doing something completely new – whatever it is, I want to hear about your most recent feel-good moment!

48. What’s the Last Thing You’ve Changed Your Mind About?

This question brings up a lot of interesting conversations about what made us change our minds in the first place. For example, someone might have stopped putting pineapples on their pizzas or started meditating daily; so I want to know – what was your latest epiphany? I for a fact am a proud pineapple on a pizza eater.

49. If You Could Meet the Future You Who Achieved Your Biggest Dream, What One Piece of Advice Would You Give Them?

It’s deep and forces you to think about what you aspire to and the knowledge you would share. Talking about this can be really inspiring for the entire team. It’s like a little pep talk inside of a “what if” daydream. So, what is your dream and what advice would you give your future self?

50. What’s the Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

We all have a story of overcoming our fears and sharing them can be really motivating. It shows bravery and determination which are great qualities in any team. Besides, hearing about your coworker’s skydiving trip or their first major presentation might just kick-start some serious inspiration.

51. What Is the Most Exciting Thing About You?

This question is great because it allows people to talk about what they love, and this can increase their self-esteem as well as provide others with insight into their hobbies or passions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weird skill or an adventurous pursuit; what matters is that we celebrate uniqueness in all its forms.

52. What’s a Habit You’d Love To Let Go Of?

a beautiful employee wearing a professional purple outfit watching tiktok on her phone , an ice storm themed office behind her

This question helps connect with other's vices as we talk about the habits we want to quit. This is because it shows sincerity and can even provide aid or share a commonality. Furthermore, recognizing areas of weakness displays modesty and yearning for personal development whether it’s biting one’s nails or spending hours on end scrolling through posts on Instagram.

Best Icebreakers For Meeting New People

53. You Have To Wear a T-Shirt With One Word on It for One Year, What Would It Be?

Asking such questions enables members within teams or groups to express their values at heart and even personalities in fun and creative ways. Moreover, it opens up the playful conversation around why someone may have chosen “Hope” over “Pizza” as examples; did they want something that would inspire others or something more unique?

The point is that we should not limit ourselves when thinking about who we are because there are infinite possibilities. What single term best describes yourself? Mine is - burrito...

54. What Would You Pick To Become a Zombie or a Vampire?

Are they a night owl who loves the dark, or do they simply hunger for infinite meals (even if they are brains)? It is an excellent conversation starter that allows individuals to connect over absurd yet intriguing situations, thus creating a more casual and inclusive environment. Who would have thought that selecting among different kinds of lifeless beings could uncover so much?

55. What Is the Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Seen in Nature?

a beautiful employee wearing an office suite, watching rain pouring, and the gloomy atmosphere making her happy,

By asking this question, we are inviting our colleagues to think about times when they were filled with joy and peace. It lets us peek into their lives as well as those things which they consider amazing.

They could be talking about sunsets over oceans or ranges hugged by clouds, whether it’s deserts covered in wildflowers or tropical rainforests teeming with life around every corner, whatever experience they share with us will bring the teams closer together than ever before imagined!

56. What’s the Worst Advice You’ve Ever Given?

Asking about bad advice can be funny and ego-shattering. This raises people’s spirits and allows them to share their not-so-great moments with one another, which builds trust within teams.

It also demonstrates that we all make mistakes sometimes!! So why not laugh at them? These embarrassing situations often become bonding experiences when shared among peers, it can make us feel closer to each other when someone else admits they did something silly too.

57. If You Had To Change Your Name, What Would It Be?

This is just a playful way of getting to know someone’s personality and history better. What names do they like or dislike for themselves or others? Would they pick something common or unusual, traditional or unique sounding for themselves if allowed to switch things up a bit personally speaking only with no legal implications whatsoever involved? Time for you to find out.

58. How Did You Spend the Money From Your First-Ever Paycheck?

This question is useful in helping colleagues think back on their earliest jobs and what they cared about then. Whether it went towards paying off bills or buying something fun or expensive, this also serves as a reminder for everyone about how exciting those initial moments of financial freedom can be.

59. What Is the Best Compliment That You Ever Received?

Thinking back to the most amazing thing anyone ever said about them can really make a person’s day. This question helps recall times when someone else praised them which may uplift their spirits and brighten moods.

It also serves as a good chance for one to find out what others like or recognize in them. Sharing such instances will surely inject some positivity into any conversation while at the same time making team members feel acknowledged and appreciated. So, what was your favorite compliment so far – why did it mean so much?

Best Rapid-Fire Icebreaker Questions For Meetings.

60. Pizza or Burger?

If you want to know about someone’s taste and preference, the best question to ask from your team members is whether they like pizza or burgers. It’s a fun and light-hearted query that allows sharing something personal without going too deep into it. Food talk can actually help in creating stronger social connections; believe it or not! So are you a fan of pizzas covered with melted cheese or juicy beef patties?

61. Favorite Season?

If you ask someone about their favorite season, it’s like asking them to describe where they can find happiness. Spring signifies birth and new beginnings. Summer implies warmth and joyfulness. Autumn represents change through color and harvest festivals. Winter is comfort in the cold, holiday cheer, and cozy nights by the fire.

Sharing this helps us understand what makes people feel alive! So tell me...are you somebody who loves basking under the hot sun or do snowflakes make your heart skip a beat?

62. Big Dogs or Little Dogs?

a big dog and a small puppy looks at each other in a purple  ice themed petshop

Would you rather have a big, huge teddy bear or a little, tiny firecracker? This is a great question to learn about the people on your team and what they like. It also can lead to some adorable and funny stories about pets, which are always fun. Therefore, I am wondering whether you prefer Great Danes over Chihuahuas or vice versa.

63. Hike or Bike Ride?

Find out what your teammates do in their free time with this question. It’s all about staying active and discussing outdoor activities can open up conversations about the best spots, most memorable trips, etc.

So are you more of a mountain climber or a road cyclist?

64. Shower at Night or in the Morning?

Although this question may appear easy to answer, it can actually reveal a great deal about an individual’s habits and way of life. Would you rather cleanse yourself like a night owl that needs to wash away stress after a long day, or be refreshed like an early bird ready for new beginnings? Sharing such small everyday things creates closeness among colleagues.

65. Do You Kill Bugs or Catch Them and Take Them Outside?

Asking this strange question can help us figure out how caring and understanding our colleagues are. Are you the type of person who would kindly carry a spider outside, or do you prefer finding a faster solution? Sharing these stories may lead to some jokes and smiles, which will create a more comfortable environment for everyone involved. Were you aware that our reactions towards insects can show off our stress levels as well as coping skills?

66. Would You Rather Sleep in Late or Take a Midday Nap?

Are you the type who likes spending lazy hours in bed or someone who just needs a short sleep? Talking about sleep can also touch on work-life balance and self-love, both of which are crucial for keeping a team happy and motivated.

67. What Is Your Favorite Curse Word?

Okay, I know this might sound a little bit naughty but trust me when I say knowing someone’s favorite curse word can be an excellent conversation starter that offers a glimpse into their personality.

It’s funny and open-hearted. It’s about common language and shared jokes. Swearing actually helps alleviate pain and stress, did you know? Yes, it does! So, don’t hesitate to tell us what you say when everything goes wrong.

68. Pajamas at the Grocery Store. Yes or No?

 a cute smiling black american employee wearing a purple pajama  walking inside ice snow storm themed mall

Do you prefer comfort above all else or do you dress up when you go out? Expressing these views can indicate how your group feels about what’s expected of them by society and themselves personally in terms of comfort too. So are we wearing pajamas or not?

69. Monopoly or Scrabble?

This is a question that shows what board games your friends like to play when they get together for some fun. Talking about your favorite board games might bring up memories you share with others, or even create plans for future gatherings centered around those same games! Teamwork and problem-solving skills can be improved through playing games too. It’s all just friendly competition and good times from here on out!

70. Burritos or Tacos?

A very effective method of bonding and connecting is simply asking your team member, “Burritos or Tacos?” It may appear to be an ordinary question about food preferences but it can lead to sharing personal favorites and stories. Whether a person chooses burritos which contain everything or tacos that can be filled with anything shows their character.

Best Icebreaker Questions for Virtual Meetings

71. How Do You Stay Focused During the Call?

Maintaining focus during virtual team meetings can be challenging. However, there are ways to overcome this challenge, such as using an AI assistant like jamie to take notes. You can share this tip and other techniques with each team member to make sure everyone stays involved in meetings.

72. What Are Your Tips for Working From Home?

With more and more of us setting up offices in our homes, it can be insightful to hear how others navigate these new waters. Sharing personal tips and tricks might provide someone with the solution they've been searching for!

73. How Do You Prioritize Your Tasks When Everything Is Important?

Balancing a multitude of tasks can often seem like a juggling act. Hearing how another team member ranks their tasks can offer fresh perspectives and effective strategies to adopt in our own work lives.

74. Do You Think That We Have Too Many Meetings?

This question opens up a discussion about online meetings and new methods to improve productivity. It's a valuable opportunity to share thoughts and possibly come up with innovative ideas to improve communication skills among team members and optimize the time available for work.

75. What Part of Your Daily Routine Are You Most Satisfied With?

Discussing the highs of our day-to-day life encourages positive reflection. It also provides a window into our lives outside work, promoting understanding and friendship among team members.

76. How Do You Fight Procrastination?

Procrastination can be a real roadblock. Sharing our strategies for overcoming it can provide another team member with new ways to stay motivated and maintain productivity.

77. What’s the Best Career Advice You’ve Ever Received?

Discussing the best career advice we've received allows for an exciting exchange of insights and experiences. This is a great icebreaker game for team building as it fosters an opportunity to learn from one another and bond over (similar) career experiences and insights.

78. How Do You Keep Your Workspace Organized?

A well-organized workspace can significantly impact productivity. Sharing our personal hacks can offer other team members easy-to-implement ideas to improve their work environments.

79. What Motivates You To Work?

Understanding what drives us and other team members can help foster a sense of purpose and inspiration. Sharing our motivators invites a deeper understanding of each other's aspirations and work ethic. This question can be an active part of team-building activities.

80. Is There a Subject You Have Always Wanted To Raise but Never Had a Chance?

This question creates a platform for open dialogue, encourages transparency, and reinforces that every voice matters.

81. What’s a Project You’re Most Proud Of?

Sharing our proudest achievements not only allows us to celebrate our victories as a winning team but also helps others understand what kind of tasks we find fulfilling. This is a great icebreaker game for team bonding as it fosters a deeper understanding of one another.

Creative Icebreakers For Meetings

82. If You Could Dedicate Your Life To Solving One Problem, What Problem Would You Choose?

This question helps us see what matters most to each team member. It can trigger meaningful conversations about what we want to change in the world.

83. What’s the Most Significant Technological Advancement You Hope To See in Your Lifetime?

Our answers to this question can reveal our hopes for the future and spark interesting chats about the role of technology in society. You can discuss innovative AI tools, robotics, and various other advancements.

84. What Would It Be If You Could Instantly Become an Expert in Something?

This question uncovers our hidden interests and dreams, helping us understand other team members better. Who knows, we might even realize that one team member can support another in developing certain skills, thus further fostering team building.

85. Can You Share a Favorite Book, Song, or Film and Why It Inspires You?

Sharing pieces of art that move us gives us a glimpse into what each of us values and finds inspiring.

86. What Would It Be If You Could Live in a Book, TV Show, or Movie?

This question is a fun way to share the stories we love and find out more about our teammates' tastes and imaginations.

87. What Invention Do You Think the World Needs Most Right Now?

By asking this, we encourage each other to think about how to improve the world and share our innovative ideas.

To make answering this question easier, you could start with inventions and innovations that could make, for example, your team meeting more effective and productive. Who knows, a team member might answer the introduction of agendas, or AI assistants such as jamie here.

88. If You Had Unlimited Resources, What Would You Create?

This is a fun way to dream big and learn more about what your team members are passionate about.

89. If You Could Have Dinner With Any Fictional Character, Who Would It Be and Why?

A brown skin employee and batman having dinner,  wearing a purple office suit, during a snow storm

Sharing our favorite characters can lead to exciting conversations about why we connect with certain narratives and values. This can be a good example of team-building activities that you might introduce at the beginning of your next team meeting.

Tip: let other group members guess what fictional character the others might choose. Of course, a right guess brings in some bonus points.

90. If You Could Speak to Everyone in the World at the Same Time, What Would You Say?

This question lets us share our most important messages and beliefs, helping us feel more connected to each other.

Growth and Health-Related Icebreaker Questions

91. What’s One Healthy Habit You’re Proud Of?

an employee wearing purple running outfit, jogging during a snow storm, beautiful lit park

It's really important to acknowledge the positive things we do for ourselves and celebrate our progress. Plus, sharing our healthy habits can inspire others to adopt them too!

92. What’s Your Best Way To Relax After a Busy Day?

Remember that everyone deals with stress in their own way - by asking this question, you might discover new and helpful techniques for managing stress that you never knew existed.

93. How Do You Stay Active Throughout the Day?

Getting the blood pumping and our bodies moving can do wonders for our well-being. Sharing how we squeeze in those little bursts of activity during a busy day can offer fresh ideas and inspire others to follow our example!

There is nothing better than an icebreaker game that encourages team members to move their bodies and work on healthy habits. Who knows, maybe we might find that half of the team members like to run on the weekend. Why not start a running club and turn this into a team-building activity?

94. What’s One Book/Movie That Changed Your Perspective on Life?

We've all stumbled across a story that shook us to our core and perhaps even changed how we see the world. By sharing these, we're opening up about our values, and beliefs and might even introduce others to their next favorite read or watch.

95. What New Skill or Hobby Have You Picked Up Recently?

Life is a continuous learning journey, and there's nothing quite as exhilarating as mastering something new. We can motivate each other to step out of our comfort zones by discussing our latest achievements.

96. What’s the Last Thing You Do Before Bed and the First After You Wake Up?

reading a book before bed

The way we plan our day can say a lot about us. Whether it's a pre-bedtime ritual or a morning routine that sets the tone for the day, sharing these can offer fascinating insights into our personal lives and might even inspire someone to adopt a new habit!

97. How Do You Strike a Work-Life Balance?

Sharing our strategies can offer others a fresh perspective on managing their time and responsibilities, providing a platform for mutual support.

98. If You Could Learn Anything, What Would It Be?

This question invites us to dream a little and reveal our hidden aspirations. Discussing these learning imaginations might just be the nudge someone needs to start a new chapter and learn something new.

99. What Action Has Improved Your Health the Most?

Sometimes, it's the simplest of actions that have the most profound impact on our well-being. Sharing these personal victories with another group member can be the spark someone else needs to start living healthily.

100. What’s One Habit You Wish To Adopt in the Next Month?

By discussing the habits we want to adopt, we're setting accountability for ourselves and maybe even finding a buddy who shares the same goal.‍

Why are Icebreaker Questions Important?

Icebreakers are important because they can help spark conversations, build trust, and create a friendly atmosphere among team members, which is especially important when working with remote teams. So why not give it a try?

According to Zippia, 39% of team members have fallen asleep during work meetings. That's quite surprising, right? But no worries, there's a fun and effective way to encourage team members to be more engaged in meetings and team-oriented.

Icebreaker games can really come in handy, as they allow you to explore a wide range of topics (though we'll touch on some that may not be suitable, will get into those next). You can have some fun games focusing on different things, like your favorite movies or the most productive habits

What Questions to Avoid?

If you want to create valuable connections and establish good relationships, it's important to keep in mind the types of questions you ask.

Avoid questions that could be too personal or reveal sensitive information about someone's life or finances. And steer clear of topics like politics, religion, or current events that could divide the group.

Avoiding questions and icebreaker activities that might make someone uncomfortable due to their age, cultural background, or lifestyle is also a good idea.

Instead, ask open-ended questions that encourage sharing, reflection, and engagement. These are more likely to spark interesting conversations and get everyone involved.

Wrap-Up - Make Your Meetings Fun and Productive

Well done! Now you have a wealth of conversation starters that will turn your meetings from boring to unforgettable. Remember, the most important thing is to involve everyone right at the beginning so that no one feels excluded.

These icebreakers can be used in any situation and they will certainly break any awkward silences and get people talking. You’ve got 100 icebreakers here which means every meeting you attend will be full of life, inclusivity, and productivity. So good luck with your next call! let’s get things going with team-building icebreakers and see what happens! What’s the first icebreaker you’re excited to try out?

But remember, it's the 21st century, and you don't have to do everything yourself. Especially with team meetings, it can be quite overwhelming trying to handle it all by yourself. Why not focus on breaking the ice and keeping everyone engaged throughout the meeting?

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Other tasks such as meeting note-taking can be handled by AI-powered productivity tools like jamie, which will make your meetings even more effective.

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