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80 Fun Facts for Work Meetings and Emails

Tired of boring meetings and emails? These 80 fun facts for work meetings and emails (and about jamie) are sure to make your meetings more fun and effective!

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If you are here to collect some fun facts for work,  then you must be tired of endless work meetings and emails! I get it!, these repetitive tasks can make anyone feel bored and exhausted if there isn't any spark involved in their work life. If you think you are alone in being tired of this never-ending mundane routine and constant pressure from office work, think again because 86% of employees and executives claim that lack of effective communication is the leading cause of failure within the company. (So let's get talking!)

To maintain a thriving workplace, one must be highly productive, but trying to maintain high levels of consistent productivity level while also maintaining a huge workload can easily weigh us down and make us feel overwhelmed.

No matter what field you work in, you must have some fun, happiness, freedom and creativity to boost your enthusiasm (a.k.a. you should love what you do), which will increase your productivity and free your creative mind! (let it gooo)

There are quite a few ways to improve employee satisfaction; one of the easiest and most efficient ways is to include fun facts about work in meetings and emails. By including at least one fun fact per day can drastically change your mundane working environment and also change your colleagues mood!


What are Fun Facts?

Think of fun facts as an icebreaker that provides escapism from the mundane working environment to encourage learning and curiosity among colleagues. Sharing an interesting fact or fun fact can instantly brighten up your colleagues' moods and make interactions with your clients more exciting and enjoyable. It has also been proven that teams who communicate effectively can increase their productivity by 25%!

fun facts for work

It is a simple yet effective strategy to improve connections and boost the working mood of everyone around you. Fun facts have proven themselves time after time, transforming mundane exchanges into opportunities for genuine engagement and connections.

It's not magic, you know. It's just about adding a memorable detail to someone's life and daily communication. The fun fact that you share will create core memories in their lives. Not only that, but every meeting or email you hold or send will become an opportunity to surprise or delight your colleagues or clients.

fun facts for work

It is an amazing tactic to share information and strengthen your relationships. The good thing is that they will even look forward to your email or meeting you! just so that they can interact and laugh with you and enjoy the fun facts you share with them! (You might be surprised at how tiny details like these can enhance one's connection with another human.)

At the end of the day, a few fun facts here and there can increase the dynamic and collaborative atmosphere in your workspace, strengthening job satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

The Importance of Job Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction

Job satisfaction includes many factors; one of the core factors is employees' happiness during work. It is essential to create a working environment that drives not only their productivity but also their happiness and mental well-being.

A thriving working environment is one that values its employees and those who keep the team connected through interesting meetings and daily check-ins. By engaging with your employees on regular basis you enhance their work life. (and you make them feel valued and taken care of)

When employees feel connected to their working environment and feel like they are a part of the team, the company's goals and achievements align with theirs. By providing overall job satisfaction, the company and its employees start working towards the same career goals and career aspirations.

The company must make the first move to support and fulfil its duties by providing a connected and friendly office environment with good communication and fruitful meetings. Better communication within a company leads to a more fulfilling professional life and also decreases turnover rates while creating a culture of loyalty, support and dedication among employees.

How jamie Can Make Your Meetings Fun?

fun facts for work

You must pay close attention to what your team members say in meetings to stand out at work or establish a strong connection when working together with them.

Conversation is crucial for building relationships, but sometimes, we overlook important details; we are humans, after all. (We make mistakes, and one of them is not focusing on what your team member/other party is saying!).

But we can avoid these minor inconveniences by using jamie. You can have it act as your AI note-taking companion while you are simply just enjoying the meeting without having to worry about taking notes!

Start focusing on what really matters!

jamie can automate your note taking, so you can focus on what is most important. Your clients' needs!

Try Jamie

You will no longer be burdened by the monotonous task of taking notes during meetings (and missing out on all the fun facts, interesting facts and even gossips being shared among the team by simply being present!).

By joining hands with jamie, you can get into a deeper conversational mode and rely on jamie to take care of all the notes you need to get back on track and fill in any gaps in knowledge or your memory that you may have to better connect with your clients or co-workers.

fun facts for work - how jamie works

It allows you and your team members to engage in conversation more deeply while also considering all the inputs they bring to the meeting.

It's important to recognize that when we show appreciation for others' thoughts, feelings and ideas, it can have a significant impact on their lives and our connection with them. It helps them feel heard and valued, which in turn can increase their engagement and overall well being and job satisfaction. (so get help from jamie to check out all the missed fun facts your colleague/client must have said during the meeting!)

Without further ado, let's get on to all our 80 fun facts for work that you can share with your team and get those giggles in check!

Here Are 80 Fun Facts Sorted Just for You!

1. Funny Facts About Work

funny facts about work
  1. In 1971, Ray Tomlinson is credited with creating the first email system that worked across a network (ARPANET). This is when the "@" symbol was introduced for email addresses.
  2. The word "deadline" originally referred to a line inside a prison that, if crossed, would indicate that a prisoner would be shot. (And you thought crossing a work deadline was a big deal!)
  3. Before alarm clocks were affordable, people called "knocker-ups" could be hired to wake people with sticks, pebbles, or (for those who preferred a more executive awakening) a rod with a piece of leather.
  4. The shortest war in history was a conflict between Britain and Zanzibar on August 27, 1896, lasting a mere 38 minutes. (my fights with my siblings are much longer than this)
  5. The average office chair harbours 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat!  So next time you contemplate a snack at your desk, you might think twice...or grab some disinfectant wipes.

2. Fun Facts About Productivity

fun facts for work
  1. Longer working hours can decrease total productivity. Optimal productivity is found at around 38 hours a week.
  2. Taking short naps can actually boost productivity!  Studies have shown that short power naps, around 20-30 minutes, can improve alertness, cognitive function, and memory.
  3. The human brain can only focus on one thing at a time – even though you might think you're a multi-tasking wizard. Switching quickly between tasks can reduce productivity by up to 40%.
  4. Naps can totally count as work, at least indirectly. Einstein, Edison, and Churchill, avid nappers all, knew the value of a little shut-eye on a productive day.
  5. The first 20 minutes after waking up are the most productive in the human day.

3. Fun Facts About jamie

fun facts for work
  1. jamie learns from every meeting and you can even chat with jamie in her chat feature about your meetings!
  2. jamie can save you 5-10 hours per week!
  3. jamie can work across multiple platforms, from Zoom to Skype to traditional face-to-face meetings, you can bring jamie where ever you go!
  4. jamie doesn't just take notes –  it can generate an action item list. It's like having a tiny, ultra-efficient personal assistant at every meeting.
  5. jamie has an impressive memory capability, recalling conversations and historical data from your organization's past meetings with the accuracy of a… well, artificial intelligence.

4. Fun Facts About Email

fun facts for work
  1. 200 billion emails are sent daily, with 2.6 million emails every second. That's over 30 emails per person on Earth every day! (yes, even your grandma, who can't find the power button on her laptop, is getting bombarded with over 30 emails daily. )
  2. After 24 hours, the chance of your email being opened drops to a mere 1%, basically the same odds as your cat learning to text you back. (we have 150 irresistible email subject lines that can guarantee an increase in your emails' open rate.)
  3. Checking your email can be really stressful.
  4. The first text message was sent in 1992, spawning an addiction to the rapid-fire, asynchronous communication we today call 'texting'.
  5. In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent the very first email containing a header and a message – with one at-sign (@) that drew all his creation together.

5. Fun Facts About Work and Labour

fun facts for work
  1. The concept of a 'nine-to-five' job comes from the Ford Motor Company.
  2. A chef's hat typically has 100 pleats to represent the numerous ways to cook an egg, as if mastering one wasn't egg-citing enough! (sorry couldn't resist the pun!).
  3. The stress of labour disputes led to the creation of Labour Day in 1882, to give workers a day of rest and the end of summer, apparently.
  4. France has a law preventing employers from sending emails after work hours – also known as a person's 'right to disconnect'.
  5. You can get paid to binge-watch on Netflix (where do I sign up?)

6. Fun Facts About Attention Spans

fun facts for work
  1. An average office worker checks their email inbox about 30 times every hour (wait, gotta check my mail, brb)
  2. An average office worker ends up picking up their phone more than 1,500 times a week (So, if you ever feel like you're missing your phone, it's probably in your hand!)
  3. Most people only read about 28% of what's written on a webpage during a single visit. The rest is just a bunch of blah-blah that doesn't really interest them. (please read me)
  4. The myth of the goldfish's nine-second attention span is just that, a myth. They have an attention span of months, not seconds.
  5. The average attention span has shrunk from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2021 (it's official, we've dipped below the goldfish.)

7. Fun Facts About Multitasking

fun facts for work
  1. If you try to multitask while doing something that requires thinking, you could lose up to 15 IQ points.
  2. Only 2.5% of people can multitask effectively.
  3. It can actually lead to a 40% drop in productivity.
  4. 3,522 people lost their lives because of distracted driving in 2021.
  5. A recent study found that many students struggle to balance their workload and activities, causing them to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

8. Fun Facts About Coffee Breaks

fun facts for work
  1. If we brewed every single coffee bean made in a year, it would fill up Mississippi River flow for an hour and a half straight.
  2. Coffee has its roots in Ethiopia, where the coffee plant itself was discovered around the 800AD century.
  3. The first 'coffee house' in England opened in 1650, officially opening the British isles up to the 'brew' possibilities.
  4. Coffee was originally chewed.
  5. Coffee can help you live longer. It's one of the healthiest drinks out there full of antioxidants that can help you feel and look great. (Coffee is why I love life!)

9. Fun Facts About Body Language

fun facts for work
  1. Studies suggest a whopping 70% of communication happens nonverbally, through gestures, posture, and facial expressions. So next time you're talking to someone, pay attention to what their body is saying too!
  2. Believe it or not, the human face has  43 muscles, allowing it to pull off up to 10,000 expressions! (Imagine the workout it gets during a gossip session!)
  3. Maintain eye contact for 4-5 seconds, look away, then look back for another 4-5 seconds. Don't stare the whole time. (it's creepy)
  4. Only 7% of what we communicate comes from the words we say? The other 93% is made up of tone of voice (38%) and body language (55%). (Pretty crazy, right?)
  5. Even the tiniest changes in how you hold yourself can totally change how your audience responds to your presentation.

10. Fun Facts About Taking Notes

  1. A majority of students (over 50%) report using laptops in class at least once a week.
  2. Students who take well-structured notes, including both the main and supporting ideas of a lecture, tend to have the highest quality of notes.
  3. Note-taking boosts concentration – even note-taking on a laptop can do the trick for memory-related brain functions.
  4. According to recent statistics, approximately 42% of students have non-course related software applications open and active on their laptops while multitasking.
  5. Taking notes during lectures can increase test results by 13%. This is especially true when combined with cued lecturing.

11. Fun Facts About Team Building

fun facts for work
  1. Around 90% of employers believe that developing a sense of community at work is key to success.
  2. Team socializing can boost your communication patterns by as much as 50%
  3. A survey conducted by Gusto found that more than half (54%) of employees stay in their jobs for longer than they should because they feel a strong sense of belonging.
  4. In 2014, Stanford University conducted a study that found out people who worked together on a difficult puzzle were able to keep going for 64% longer. They were able to do this because they were genuinely interested in the task.
  5. Gusto's survey found that 55% of employees don't really know or feel connected to their colleagues. (makes you feel like you are working with strangers)

12. Fun Facts About Working From Home

fun facts for work
  1. The number of remote workers has increased by 400% in the last decade, showing that the workplace extends wherever Workers-With-Laptops roam.
  2. In 2022, 80% of workers would be more loyal to their employers if they provide flexible work options.
  3. The number of people working from home has surged by 140% since 2005. Remote work is the new...er, work.
  4. Hypnosis surgeons work remotely, proving hypnotic performance can be done from anywhere.
  5. Remote workers save about $4,000 per year on average!

13. Fun Facts About Popular Virtual Meeting Platforms

fun facts for work
  1. The Zoom mobile app was downloaded 23M+ times in September 2021 across the App Store and Google Play.
  2. According to a recent survey, 70%of people believe that using voice recognition technology can help to increase the efficiency of meetings. (psst...download jamie)
  3. 75% of Zoom users wave goodbye at the end of the meetings.
  4. Research indicates that almost half of professionals suffer from "Zoom Fatigue" and burnout due to excessive online meetings
  5. According to a recent survey, 87% of workers stated that Mondays and Fridays are the worst days for virtual meetings.

14. More Fun Facts About Video Meetings

  1. The term 'Zoom fatigue' has become a part of our everyday vocabulary, encapsulating the tiredness, worry, or burnout associated with the overuse of virtual communication platforms. It's a reminder that, sometimes, we need to step away from the screen and enjoy a good old-fashioned stretch or walk.
  2. On average, Americans spend 8 hours a week attending virtual meetings.
  3. The rise of virtual meetings has given birth to a new etiquette, such as the polite 'virtual hand raise' to avoid speaking over others. (here are 15 more virtual meeting etiquettes)
  4. If you struggle to switch your camera on during virtual meetings, you are one of the 69% of introverts who experience on-camera exhaustion.
  5. 'Virtual coffee breaks' have become a new tradition, offering a comforting slice of social interaction and a reminder that behind every screen, there's a person - probably craving caffeine just as much as you are.

15. More Fun Facts About Completely Random Things

  1. Giraffes are 30 times more likely to be struck by lightning than people. (makes sense, cause they are tall?)
  2. Earth is slowing down its rotation speed.
  3. Your brain eat itself. ( it's called phagocytosis, so relax! its healthy)
  4. Water is not wet, it just its ability to maintain contact with the surface area.
  5. The fear of long words is called Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. (the irony)
  6. 80% percent of jobs are gained through networking and not a resume!
  7. The word 'boss' is Dutch, meaning 'a master'.
  8. The word 'employ' is Latin, meaning to 'enfold, involve, associate'.
  9. Did you know that the oldest chewing gum is 9000 years old?
  10. 72% of the people value staying at a job that makes them feel appreciated.
  11. In 2013 a squirrel caused a power outage by chewing through a power line transformer.
  12. Leonardo da Vinci, was a master of a technique called "polyphasic sleep", this involves taking multiple short naps throughout the day instead of one long sleep at night.
  13. In 1976, Queen Elizabeth 2 sent her very first email.
  14. In Argentina, establishments with 100 or more employees must offer onsite child care centres for children between 45 days and 3 years of age.
  15. Americans check their phones 144 times day.
  16. Organizations are 27.5% less productive because of employee multitasking.
  17. In 15th century Constantinople ( modern-day Istanbul) it was legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he didn't keep the coffee pot full.
  18. Studies suggest asking open-ended questions is a more effective icebreaker than making small talk.
  19. Negotiators who can't see each other's gestures and facial expressions find it difficult to read each other's tone and build rapport.
  20. Researchers found that student who had their laptops open during a lecture remembered less information compared to those who kept their laptops closed.
  21. Women with a best friend at work are twice as likely to be engaged.
  22. Working remotely has been found to have a positive impact on mental health, with 80% of remote workers reporting positive results.
  23. Zoom has 300 million daily active participants.


Sprinkling some fun facts into your workday can have a major effect on both yourself and your team. Who doesn't like to have fun while you work and learn something funny and interesting? It keeps the spark alive at the workplace. It helps us be more energetic throughout the working hours, making us more productive and looking forward to another day at work.

Studies show that laughter increases creativity, communication, focus, and productivity, so let's get cracking and share some of these fun facts with our peers. Sharing interesting facts that relate to work or simply fascinate can foster curiosity and build connections within your team, after all, people spend over 90,000 hours working in their jobs in their lifetime! Shouldn't those hours be filled with some happiness and curiosity?

Use these 80 fun facts as conversation starters, icebreakers in meetings or light-hearted add-ons in emails - anything to get people talking and keep them laughing and entertained at the same time! (who says work should be boring?)

Remember, an inspired team with good communication and healthy relationships makes for greater productivity - let's hope these fun facts serve as a gentle reminder that healthy relationships with colleagues/employer and an ideal work environment should take priority over any work. Perhaps sharing one or two fun facts may spark the next great idea for your company! (you never know!)

At its core, creative work can only be accomplished effectively when performed by humans who find joy and meaning in their own creative work - even if that means sharing an amusing llama fact.


Q1: When Is a Good Time To Use Fun Facts at Work?

Share fun facts at work with perfect timing!

  • During team meetings or group discussions to kickstart conversations
  • In presentations or training sessions to keep your audience engaged
  • When getting to know new colleagues during onboarding or team-building activities
  • In casual conversations with co-workers to show your personality

The key is to use fun facts here and there and ensure they are genuinely interesting! (don't go annoying people!). Make sure the fun facts are reliable and relevant to the context, not just blabber it for the sake of it, as "with great fun facts come great responsibility."

Q2: What Are Some Examples of Good Fun Facts To Share at Work?

Here are a few types of fun facts that you can share at your workplace:

Interesting facts about your own company

  • Very unique facts about your products, services or technologies
  • Surprising statistics or trends related to your work (or competitor, haha)
  • Fascinating scientific or technological discoveries or something completely random but somehow fits into the context.

The best fun facts are ones that are genuinely intriguing and can spark further discussion or curiosity among your colleagues.

Q3: How jamie Assist With Incorporating Fun Facts Into Virtual Meetings?

Your Very Own Library of Fun Facts

jamie can store a library of fun facts that is collected through the meetings. You can browse and select a fun fact from the library to share for your next meeting. These fun facts could also include facts related to the company, your industry or even broader topics of interest.

Fact-of-the-Day Suggestions

jamie can give you daily or weekly suggestions for fun facts that was shared during your virtual meetings, basically pointing out the fun facts shared during the meetings you missed. Simply head over to the chat section and type in "what fun facts I missed today", and jamie will fill you up with new fun facts that have been added to jamie's library.

Q4: How Does jamie Integrate With Existing Meeting Platforms?  

A1: jamie is a native app so there is no need to connect it to meeting platforms simply start jamie and the audio will be captured across all meeting platforms even in person. (its super easy!)

Q5: Is jamie Suitable for All Types of Meetings?

A2: Absolutely! Whether you're conducting a brainstorming session, a project update, or even a virtual coffee break, jamie is designed to enhance the productivity and enjoyment of any meeting type.

Q6: Can jamie Help With Meeting Analytics and Insights?

A3: Yes, jamie offers analytics features that provide insights into meeting patterns, participation levels, and topics discussed. This enables teams to continuously improve their meeting efficiency and effectiveness.

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