3 Best Alternatives to Otter.ai

Here are the 3 best alternatives to Otter.ai
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As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to improve various aspects of our daily lives, more and more tools are being developed to help us streamline our workflows and optimize productivity. The task of manual note-taking is one of them. With the ever-growing demand for efficient meeting management, it's no surprise that there are now several alternative options available. In this article, we'll explore the three best alternatives to help you make an informed decision and find the perfect AI meeting assistant for your needs.

What can an AI meeting assistant do?


Record meetings and provide real-time or post meeting transcription


Summarize meetings and generate automated meeting notes of important information

Capute insights

Automatically capturing action items like: decisions, tasks and other main takeaways

Quick Comparison

Automated Meeting summary
Provides a summary of highlights
Only through AskFred
Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams
Compatibility with all conferencing tools
Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams
Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams + 6 others
Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams
Executive summary
Only through AskFred
Action items
Only using Otter AI chat
Only through AskFred
Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams
Topic based notes
Only using Otter AI chat
Personal highlights
Only using Otter AI chat
In more than 15 languages
English + 6 languages
8 languages in Zoom and Teams & +15 in Google Meet
Video recording
In person conversations
Using the web or mobile app
Automatic speaker recognition
If user has tagged the speaker before
Only when bot joins the call
Only when bot joins the call
Calendar integration
Server location

Detailed tool overview


Otter is a transcription and collaboration tool that helps teams capture and summarize conversations from online meeting. It currently integrates with the 3 leading video conference tools Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Otter also allows users to import and transcribe pre-recorded audio and video files.


Otters's main features are:

  • Live captions during your online meetings for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, so you can always keep track of what is being said at the moment
  • Transcribe other pre-recorded audio or video files. You can simply upload them to Otters platform
  • Personal time stamps make it easy to identify when a person talked during the meeting


  • The Otter bot automatically joins your online meetings and records both video and audio
  • While watching the live captions during online meetings, you can manually select sentences that you believe are important


  • Unfortunately, Otter currently only works in English and can therefore not be used in other languages
  • Otter only provides you with a transcript and high level summary of the online meetings. For more insights you can use the newly launched chat function to ask more about your meetings


Otter offers two paid plans, starting at 17€/month for the Pro Plan and 29€/month for the Business Plan. They also offer a free plan with limited features and meeting minutes.


With jamie, a personal AI meeting assistant, you can effortlessly generate meeting notes and summaries in just seconds. Jamie automatically records the meeting to generates action items, an executive summary, and topic based notes. Once the meeting is finished, you can easily access and edit your notes before sharing them with your team or saving them in your preferred knowledge management tool.

ai meeting notes tool jamie


jamie's main features are:‍

  • Different languages: Use jamie in more than 15 languages (including accents) with great constant business quality outcome-
  • High flexibility: Because jamie runs natively on macOS and Windows, it is integrated into your work flow. Therefore, it works across any online meeting software, even offline in a meeting room.
  • No integrations to online meeting software providers are required. This allows a seamless workflow without login or registration process.


  • With jamie, you can enjoy automated meeting notes, action items and executive summaries that eliminate the need to go through long transcripts.
  • With jamie you can have your meeting in over 15 languages
  • No need for annoying plug ins or awkward meeting bots that distract clients and others.
  • jamie allows for personal highlighting, to bring what every you find interesting right to the top of the summary.


  • Currently you can try jamie for free for up to 7 days, but stay tuned we have some updates coming soon!
  • If you want to analyse video recordings from your calls, jamie does not provide these in order to ensure a certain level of privacy during meetings


jamie offers three different paid plans. The Standard Plan starts at 24€/month, the Pro Plan, for 47€/month and the Executive Plan for 96€/month.


Fireflies is an AI powered tool that can be used to record, transcription and search conversations that have been recorded. It helps teams to share and search transcripts of meetings.

This is an image of Fireflies application showing how to transcribe a team's meetings
Image credits: Fireflies


Fireflies's main features are:

  • The Fireflies video conferencing bot can automatically access your calendar and join meeting
  • Fireflies lets you upload pre-recorded audio files to transcribe them
  • Fireflies offers integrations to Dropbox or Onedrive to store long transcripts directly in the cloud


  • Next to English Fireflies works in: German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian
  • A powerful search function allows you to search for keywords in long transcripts


  • Similar to Otter also Fireflies only generates transcripts of meetings


Fireflies also offers two paid plans, starting at 18€/month for the Pro Plan and 29€/month for the Business Plan. They also offer a free plan with limited transcription credits and storage.


Supernormal is the last of the three AI powered alternatives to Otter. Supernormal uses AI to record, transcribe and generate notes from meetings in Google Meet, Zoom and MS Teams.

Generative AI Startup Supernormal Raises $10M to Take Meeting Notes With  GPT-3 - Voicebot.ai
Image credits: Supernormal


Supernormal's main features are:

  • The supernormal automatically joins your call and records meetings in Google Meet, MS Teams and Zoom
  • You can share your recorded meeting and your notes directly with your friends and colleagues


  • In Google Meet, Supernormal can record the meeting without having a bot join the meeting only by installing chrome extension
  • In Google Meet you can get automated meeting notes after each meeting


  • Supernormal can detect the language of the meeting, however requests users to preselect the language prior, for the sake of the quality of the output.


Supernormal also offers one free plan with limited meeting credits and a dynamic paid plans, starting at 15€/month and goes up to 179€/month.

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