How to Write Meeting Notes in Microsoft Teams

Make the most out of your meetings in

Microsoft Teams

What are Meeting Notes?

Meeting notes are a written record of what was discussed and agreed on during a meeting and what actions were taken. They help summarize the key points of the meeting, ensure that everyone is on the same page and serve as a reference for future discussions. Meeting notes also help to ensure accountability by recording decisions and assigning follow-up tasks to specific people. They can be taken by a designated minute taker or by all participants separately.

Why are Meeting Notes so Important?

Documenting decisions

Meeting notes help document and record decisions that were made during the meeting. This way, participants can easily refer back to what was agreed on and follow through with tasks and actions.


Meeting notes are a great way of communicating what was discussed and decided at a meeting with attendees or others that could not join the meeting.

Increasing productivity

Meeting notes are a great way to improve the productivity of meetings by enabling participants to focus on what is most important and to stay on track.

How to Write Meeting Notes in

Microsoft Teams

Unfortunately, there is no feature for taking meeting notes automatically. As a result, you are required to do it manually, which can be a quite tedious task.

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