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How To Record Google Meet: A 4 Step Easy Guide

Learn how to record your Google Meet sessions in just 4 simple steps with our 2024 guide. Discover how to enable recording permissions, start and stop recordings, access recorded files, and even get a transcript using AI.

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Do you want to find out how to record a meeting in Google Meet or if you are even allowed to record? This guide has a super easy, step-by-step process that you can follow. We'll also tell you how to request access from your Google Workspace Admin.

⚡ 4 Steps: How to Record Google Meet

  1. Check if you are allowed to record a meeting in Google Meet. Currently, only paid users are allowed to record meetings. You'll find tips on how to request access below.
  2. Click the option button ("...") in your bottom menu bar in Google Meet
  3. Select the recording button and start recording. Click finish recording as soon as you wish to stop the recording.‍

How to Record a Meeting in Google Meet - Step by Step Instructions

1. Verify Your Recording Permissions

Before you hit record, make sure you have the necessary permissions. Click the three-dot menu in the bottom right corner of your Google Meet screen. If you see the "Record meeting" option, you're good to go.

Image showing how to record a meeting in Google Meet

If the option is missing, your options will look like the ones below. To learn how to fix this, jump to the "How to Get Permission to Record Google Meet" section below.

Image showing how to record a meeting in Google Meet

2. Start Recording

Once you’ve confirmed your permissions, click “Record meeting” in the three-dot menu (…) to start recording a Google Meet call. A pop-up will ask you to confirm. Click “Start recording“, and you’ll see a red recording icon in the top left corner, indicating that your recording has begun.

Pro tip: Let your meeting attendees know you're recording to ensure everyone's on the same page.

Image showing how to record a meeting in Google Meet

3. Stop Recording

When you've captured everything you need, click the three-dot menu and select "Stop recording." Google Meet will process your recording and send a link to your email.

4. Access and Share Your Recording

You’ll receive an email from Google with a 'recording link' to your recording. Can’t find the email? No worries! Just head to the “Meet Recordings” folder in your Google Drive.

To share your recording, simply click the “Share” button in Google Drive and enter the email addresses of your intended recipients or copy the link to share via other channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

⚡ How to Get Permission to Record Google Meet

If you have a paid Google Workspace account that should allow recording but don't see the option, ask your Google Workspace Administrator to enable it for you. Here's how:

  1. Open the Google Admin Console
  2. Go to "Apps → Google Workspace → Google Meet → Meet video settings → Recording" in the sidebar
  3. Check the box next to "Let people record their meetings"
  4. Save your changes
Image showing how to request access to record a meeting in Google Meet

Which Google Workspace Accounts Can Record Google Meet?

According to Google, the following accounts have recording capabilities:

  • Google Workspace Individual Subscriber
  • Google Workspace Essentials
  • Business Standard and Plus
  • Enterprise Essentials, Standard, and Plus
  • Education Fundamentals, Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Plus
  • Nonprofits
Image showing who can record a meeting in Google Meet

What's Included in a Google Meet Recording?

When you record Google Meet videos, you capture video and audio of all participants, ensuring no moment is missed during the virtual meeting. This includes:

  • Video and audio of all participants
  • Presented content and shared screens
  • Meeting chat (saved as an SBV file)

What if You Can't Record Google Meet?

If you don't see the recording option and don't have a Google Workspace account, don't worry! You can still capture meeting details with jamie - an AI-powered tool that transcribes and summarizes your Google Meet sessions. Here's how:

  1. Download the jamie app for macOS or Windows
  2. Create a free account (yes, it's truly free – no credit card required!)
  3. Start jamie before joining your Google Meet session
  4. Once your meeting is over, stop jamie by clicking the "Stop meeting" button

jamie will then process your meeting and provide you with:

How to Identify Speakers in jamie

After your meeting notes have been generated, jamie will ask you to identify the speakers who were present. Simply listen to each audio snippet and enter the corresponding names.

jamie ai note taker dashboard - how to identify speakers online meetings

Reviewing Your jamie Meeting Notes

Once you've identified the speakers, your meeting notes are ready! You can review the executive summary, meeting notes, and action items right in your jamie dashboard.

Pro tip: If you want to manually highlight important moments during the meeting, use the jamie keyboard shortcut:

macOS: option + j

Windows: alt + j

Your highlights will be included at the top of your summary for easy reference.

Sharing Your jamie Meeting Notes

Sharing your jamie meeting notes is simple. Just click the "Share" button in your dashboard and enter the email addresses of your recipients, or copy the link to share via other channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

how to share your google meet meeting transcript on jamie

With jamie, you can quickly capture and review the key points from your Google Meet sessions, even if you don't have access to the native recording feature. Plus, jamie's summaries and action items make it easy to stay organized and on top of your meeting follow-ups.

🤔 FAQs - Record Google Meet Calls

Can I record a Google Meet for free?

No, Google Meet's recording feature is only available for paid Google Workspace editions, such as Google Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus. If you have a free Gmail account, you won't be able to access the built-in recording feature. Google One subscribers also don't have access to the Google Meet recording feature unless they have a Google Workspace account.

Where can I find my Google Meet recordings?

Your Google Meet recording files will be sent to your email and stored in the "Meet Recordings" folder in your Google Drive. You can access these recorded meetings and share them with other participants in just a few clicks.

How can I record a Google Meet on my phone or other mobile devices?

To record a Google Meet event on your mobile device, like an Android device, you'll need to use a built-in screen recorder or a third-party screen recording software. Keep in mind that the recording quality may depend on your device's capabilities and the app you use. Some screen recording apps allow you to adjust the video resolution and audio and video settings to optimize the recording quality.

Can I record a Google Meet session without the host's or meeting organizer's permission?

If you have recording permissions through your Google Workspace account, you can record Google Meet meetings without the host's explicit permission. However, it's always best to inform all meeting participants that you're recording the video meeting or video call to ensure transparency and compliance with any applicable policies.

Is there a time limit for recording meetings in Google Meet?

Yes, Google Meet recordings are limited to 8 hours per meeting recording. If your video meeting or online meeting exceeds this limit, the recording will automatically stop. This applies to all Google Meet events, whether scheduled through Google Calendar or started as an instant meeting.

Can I edit my recorded Google Meet sessions?

To edit your Google Meet recordings, you'll need to use a third-party video editing tool like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or VLC media player. First, download the recording file from your Google Drive, then import it into your preferred video editing software to make the necessary changes. Some video editors also allow you to adjust the video resolution and export the edited file in various formats.

How can I transcribe my Google Meet events?

You can use jamie to automatically transcribe your Google Meet sessions. Just download the jamie app, create an account, and start jamie before joining your online meeting. jamie will provide you with a full transcript, summary, and action items after the meeting.

Can I use Google Meet's built-in recording feature on any device?

Google Meet's native recording capability is available on desktop devices and requires a Google Workspace account. If you're using a mobile device or don't have access to a Google Workspace account, you can use third-party recording software or tools like jamie to transcribe your meetings. .

How do I enable the record button in Google Meet?

To enable the record button in Google Meet, you must be using a Google Workspace edition that supports recording. If you have the necessary permissions and don't see the record button, ask your Google Workspace administrator to enable the recording settings for your organization in the Google Admin Console. They can manage these settings in the recording settings section of the Google Meet admin panel. This will ensure that everyone in the same organization has access to the Google Meet recording feature.

Can I automatically save my Google Meet recordings to Google Drive?

Yes, your Google Meet recordings are automatically saved to your Google Drive in the "Meet Recordings" folder. You'll also receive an email with a link to the downloaded file after the meeting ends. This feature ensures that your recorded meetings are easily accessible and securely stored in the cloud. You can also save the transcript of the recorded meeting as a Google Doc in your Google Drive.

Is it possible to record a Google Meet session without anyone knowing?

While it's technically possible to record a Google Meet event without informing other participants, it's highly unethical and may violate legal requirements or your organization's policies. Always inform meeting participants that you're recording the video call to maintain transparency and trust. You can do this at the start of the meeting or even include it in the meeting invitation sent through Google Calendar.

Can I use a built-in screen recorder to record a Google Meet session on my desktop device?

Yes, most operating systems have built-in screen recording tools that you can use to record your Google Meet sessions. On Mac, you can use QuickTime Player to record your screen, while on Windows, you can use the Xbox Game Bar (Windows + G) or the built-in screen recorder in the control center to capture your meeting. Third-party screen recording software like OBS Studio, Camtasia, or Snagit can also be used for more advanced recording options.

How can I share my Google Meet recordings with others?

To share your Google Meet recordings, open your Google Drive and navigate to the "Meet Recordings" folder. Right-click on the recording file you want to share and select "Share." Enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the recording with, or copy the link to share via other channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams. You can also adjust the sharing settings to control whether people can view, comment on, or edit the recording file.

What factors can affect the quality of my Google Meet recording?

Several factors can impact the quality of your Google Meet recording, such as your internet connection speed, the device you're using, and the recording software or method you employ. To ensure the best possible recording quality, use a stable internet connection, a high-quality microphone and camera, and adjust your audio and video settings accordingly. If you're using a third-party recording tool, choose a high video resolution and bitrate for optimal results.

How to record a Google Meet on an iPad?

To record a Google Meet on an iPad:

  1. Start by opening your Google Meet session in the Safari browser or Google Meet app
  2. Tap the three-dot menu in the bottom right-hand corner
  3. Click "Start recording" to begin recording the meeting
  4. Click "Stop recording" when you're done
  5. Access the recording via the link sent to your email or in your Google Drive "Meet Recordings" folder

How to record Google Meet calls on any device for free?

You can use a third-party screen recording tool like Loom, Screencastify, or QuickTime Player to record Google Meet calls on any device for free. Simply start the recording before joining the meeting, and stop it when you're done. Keep in mind that these methods may not provide the same level of quality or functionality as the built-in recording feature for Google Workspace users.

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