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25 Follow Up Email Templates After Meetings That You Need in 2024

Ever struggled to draft follow-up emails? Closing deals has never been easier! Jamie's 25 follow-up email templates after meetings turn ""maybes"" into ""let's do this!"

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We have all been there, staring at a blank screen; trying to create the perfect follow-up email after a meeting can be quite a task. Especially when our brain gives up on us.

This is where we come in to save your day! After carefully going through hundreds of email templates, we have cherry-picked the best 25 follow-up email templates that you'd crush in 2024.

These templates are versatile; you can use them whether you're following up with a potential client, a colleague, or a former networking event contact. These templates will help you craft the perfect message to keep the momentum going after your amazing meeting.

We are also going to give you 25 email templates (and +150 free subject lines) that you can download our free ebook below to use and share it with colleagues who needs them the most. (We all know someone who needs it)

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Expert Tips To Write Follow Up Emails After a Meeting ( That’ll Keep Them Thinking about Your Email for Days...!)

We must prioritize sending follow-up emails to our prospects after a meeting. Because they have to know that we will be keeping in touch with them via email even after a meeting. It is the best way to show that we want to keep the conversation going and momentum going, giving them an impression that we value the recipient and their time.

Sending a follow-up (a good follow-up email) can have a lasting impression. According to Meg Kawalkowska's research, sending even one follow up email can potentially boost sales up to 22%!

As amazing as it sound, everything eventually comes down to the blank screen and figuring out how to make your follow-up email stand out and have the recipients want to stay in touch with you.

Without further ado, let me share some valuable tips and techniques I found after going on a scavenger hunt through quite a few professional inboxes (legally and with permission, of course). Let me help you craft the perfect follow-up email after a meeting.

Follow up email after meeting - free ebook download

Subject Line Tips

The one element of a follow-up email that will be immediately received and noticed is the subject line, as it takes the role of greeting the recipient. Subject line is basically the first impression in an email.

What should be the key point here is your ability to come up with a subject headline that will bring sufficient interest and curiosity to the recipient that it drives the recipient to open the email.

However, the subject line is not only a time consuming and head scratching task but it is also one of the factors which spike the email's popularity.  Because only 47% of people actually open an email and the rest of them report it as spam based on the subject line alone.

The following five cases offer subject lines that have been established to enhance open rates.

1. After a Successful Brainstorming Session

"Can't Wait To Put Our Exciting Ideas for [Project Name] Into Action!"

Can't Wait To Put Our Exciting Ideas for [Project Name] Into Action! - Follow Up Email After Meeting

2. After Discussing Collaboration

“I can absolutely see our visions are aligned on this project...”

Follow up email after meeting - collaboration

3. After a Follow-up Meeting With a Potential Customer That Was Intended To Propose.

“Coffee? Did We Cover Everything with jamie?”

follow up email after meeting - Potential Customer

4. After a Successful Product Demo With a Potential Customer

‘P.S. There's More to jamie Than You Saw!’

Follow up email after meeting - after product review

5. After a Meeting with a Colleague To Discuss a New Venture

‘How to Take Over the World (or at Least Our Industry)?’

Follow up email after meeting - best ai note taker

Personalization Techniques

Writing emails that fit each person's personality or mood can significantly boost how they perceive your message. It's going to act as an "I see you" moment to them but in an email format.

Here are five tips to follow to make sure your follow-up messages appear personalized just for them, more like a face-to-face conversation.

1. Open With a Friendly Greeting by Using Their Name.

For instance,

"Hello [Recipient's Name]" makes the email feel more personalized.

2. Remember the Conversation You Had?

Remind everyone what it was they talked about by repeating something specific you heard or by simply commenting,

"I can't stop thinking about what you said regarding [specific topic]."

Show them you were truly listening! This shows your dedication to attending to their needs!

3. Try to Pinpoint Your Shared Interests or Passions.

If there's anything the two of you share in common, mention it! It will portray a genuine interest in the recipient.

"Isn't it great finding someone else who also appreciates ''shared interest''? Made my day!"

4. Show Appreciation, Even for the Littlest Things.

Let them know you appreciate their time by sending a short thank-you note, such as

"Big thank you, ''Recipient's Name, '' for sharing your insights. I really appreciate it!" This positive note approach encourages positive feelings that your recipient would greatly appreciate.

5. Personalized Greeting.

Write your message around something they already love. If they mentioned any hobbies or passions they had, bring that up; say something like,

"You mentioned [interest], so I thought this [Personalized recommendation] might interest you."

Make that email feel more like a warm and friendly message than just another notification in their inbox. Writing a personalized subject line using this tip adds some "you" into your follow-up emails.

follow up email after meeting - free ebook download

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Timing and Frequency

Figuring out the timing and frequency of your follow-up emails can have a greater impact on their effectiveness, so it is key that these are sent promptly without overwhelming recipients with too many follow-up messages. (Don't spam!)

Below are five examples of the ideal email follow-up conversation-up time depending on different scenarios;

1. You Held an Initial Meeting to Screen a Possible Client

You should respond promptly to every meeting you attend or host so they can remember important points and demonstrate that they are still interested in the discussion. A brief meeting recap in your follow-up email (within 24 hours) can keep the conversation flowing. And within the follow up you can also include unsolicited summary of the meeting (generated by jamie of course, so that you don't have to lift a finger) along with a strong subject line that will help your email stand out amongst crowded inboxes, grabbing their attention fast!

Tip: Follow up with an email or phone call within 24 hours after a new meeting.

Did you know?

jamie can automate your note taking, so you can focus on what is most important. Your clients' needs!

Try Jamie

2. You Just Finished Providing a Product Demonstration to a Prospect.

It may take some time before the prospect fully understands your product's value. A follow-up message within 24 hours will keep the conversation lively and allow you to reinforce the benefits that you highlighted in the demo. The prospect can also review the materials you provided and ask questions.

Tip: Follow up with an email in 24 hours.

3. You Had a Brief Chat With One of Your Colleagues.

Email can be used as a quick reminder to keep the conversation moving and reinforce important points. Use a short, same-day email to show enthusiasm and promptness for face-to-face meetings. Mention key points of your previous conversation in the message while expressing appreciation.

Tip: Follow up with an email on the same day.

4. Just Had a Long Networking Session With the Prospect.

Your follow-ups should be spaced out so that they can absorb the value proposition and decide if you are worth engaging. Follow-up emails are also best sent at a strategic time and separated from interactions to allow for the maximum amount of reflection.

Tip: Allow a week between them for reflection and adjustments, e.g., send an initial email on the 1st and write follow-up emails on the next meeting on the 8th.

5. Your Prospect Just Presented You With a Proposition.

Send a follow-up message soon after your first meeting to ensure they remember you and express enthusiasm for future meetings and potential collaborations. You can maintain the same positive atmosphere that was created in your first meeting by sending an email with a similar welcome tone to the prospect within 48 hours to give them a sense of familiarity and trust.

Tip: Send a follow-up email within 48 hours following a post-meeting recap or presentation.

follow up email after meeting - free ebook download

Opening Line in Your Follow up Email After Meeting

The first sentence of a follow-up email after a meeting can have a huge impact on your recipients' impressions. Because depending on how you write the first line in your message may make or break the entire pitch you worked hard on during the meeting.

You only have one chance to make a good impression - the first line of your email is what captures people's attention and makes them want to read on.

We at jamie know how important it is to make a good first impression on potential customers. So, here are some strong opening lines for different types of situations that you might encounter after a meeting:

1. After a Great Meeting with a Leader in the Industry.

Hey [Name of Leader],

Thank you for your talk today. I found your ideas very useful and am excited to explore the new ones that we discussed.

2. After a Meeting Where You Tell Possible Investors About Your Business.

To [Name(s) of Investors],

I am even more convinced after our meeting that we are a perfect match. I'm excited to find out more about our potential collaboration.

3. When a Team Meeting Goes Well.


Everyone was very energetic and cooperative at our last team meeting. We have a good plan and great team spirit. I am sure we will achieve great things.

4. After Talking With a Well-Known Guest Speaker About a Possible Event Partnership.

Hello [Name of Guest Speaker],

I am excited to see how we can work together for [Event Title]. We can create an event people will remember for a long time.

5. Benefiting From Relationships Built Through Networking.

Hello [Name of Colleague],

It was fantastic connecting with you at our last meeting for [Event Name]. As promised, I'm following up on our discussion about [Project Idea]. Let's look for more ways to work together.

Keep your email short and to the point, even if you have a strong opening. You can use these strong opening lines to get the reader's attention, get to know them, and set the tone for a future conversation.

follow up email after meeting - free ebook download

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4. Highlighting Key Points from the Meeting

It's important to stress the main points discussed in a meeting during the follow-up email. It is essential because it helps strengthen the importance of the email and the conversations and decisions held during the meeting. (significantly strengthening your connections!).

Here are five different situations for you, showcasing how to highlight key points.

1. Planning for the Future Interactions

Subject: Making Plans for What to Do Next After Our Meeting

Hey Team,

After our meeting to plan our next steps, let's make them official with jamie's help! Use jamie's new chat feature to create bullet points or numbered lists to summarize two to three important action items through the meeting data we had with our prospect.

Please make sure to include relevant details about who is responsible for each task in the taskbar on jamie's platform and link to the relevant section in jamie's notes for more information.

2. After a Meeting with a Possible Customer

Subject: jamie is Made to Fit All Your Meeting Needs (You Know That Already)

Hi [Name of client],

After our meeting, I would like to talk more and review the key problems that you raised with [name at least two of your main client concerns].

Our company [Your Company] has solutions that will meet your needs immediately. When is the best time to get on another call so that we can discuss how to create a plan that is most effective for you?

3. Showing a Potential Customer How the Product Works

Subject: Want To Know How jamie Really Works?

Hello [Name of Customer],

Thanks for taking part in our online product demo! It was great to see that you were interested in features like [list 1-2 key features the customer asked about].

jamie took notes from the sales meeting with your exact questions, which makes it easy for us to answer them on a later call. Let's talk about how these features can help your company.

4. Asking a Mentor for Help With Career Growth

Subject: Following Your Advice with Gratitude.

To [Name of Mentor],

Thank you so much for the great advice you gave us during our virtual meeting. Your ideas on [insert specific area of career growth you talked about] were really helpful.

Based on what we talked about, I'm going to [list 1-2 steps you can take based on the mentor's advice]. Thank you for your continued support. I'd love to keep you up to date on my progress.

5. A Meeting To Boost Teamwork

Subject: Let's keep going with the flow!


Our online meeting to build teams was a lot of fun! Let's use jamie to write down the most important things we learned that got us excited about working together (see [section number] in jamie's notes for specific ideas).

Let's use the team's strengths in [name 1-2 specific strengths that were brought up in the meeting] to do even better things as a whole. Remember that jamie wrote down all the great ideas, so you can look back at them whenever you need to get ideas.

By highlighting important points in your follow-up emails with jamie, you can make sure that everyone is on the same page, that the next steps are clear, and that important ideas don't get lost in the chaos that follows a meeting.

And Finally, Here Are the 25 Follow-up Templates, You Need This 2024!

After a virtual meeting with someone for the first time, whether that be professional connections, potential clients, or friends or just sending a thoughtful follow-up email can strengthen connections while leaving an everlasting impression on them.

Here are some email templates the team of jamie put together that will help you write the best follow-up email after meeting out there.

1. The "Nice Meeting You" Follow-up

Subject: Happy To Meet You Today!

Hello [Name],

It was wonderful meeting you today during our [Meeting Topic]. I learned so much more about [Topic Discussed] by meeting with you today.

Thank you again for taking time out to speak with me, and good luck with [ the project they mentioned during the discussion].

2. The "Let's Schedule a Meeting" Follow-up

Subject: Progress from Our Meeting

Hello [Name],

Thank you so much for making time in your busy schedule to meet today, it was wonderful getting to know you better.

Our discussion cemented my interest in [Industry], providing valuable insight on certain topics. I look forward to remaining in contact and expanding on our discussions in future meetings.

Looking forward to our conversation,

[Your Name].

3. Thank You for Your Time (Thank You For Your Time Follow-Up).

Subject: That was an amazing meeting!

Hello [Name],

Thank you for our meeting earlier today. Your insights were truly outstanding and I'm excited by the prospect of working together in the future.

Respectfully Yours,

[Your Name],

4. The "Recap and Next Steps" Follow-Up

Subject: So What to Do Next?

Hey [Name],

It was nice to meet you all today. We had a great meeting and discussed [topic of interest] in quite detail giving us more responsibilities and areas to cover within this week. In this email, I’m going to assign the tasks to the team members.

Thanks to jamie's auto note taking process, we have gathered the notes where they have highlighted the key responsibilities that need to be covered within this week.

Employee1: Task1

Employee2: Task2

I'm excited to see your progress on the upcoming brainstorming session.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

5. The "Let's Grab Coffee"

Subject: Coffee?

Hey [Name],

It was interesting to learn about what you do during the meeting, and I'd love the chance to meet up for a cup of coffee and learn more about you.

I'd also like to know more about how you [Something Mentioned in the Last Conversation].

Please let me know when you can meet up next week for a quick catch-up.

Getting excited about it,

[Your Name]

6. The "Action Items"

Subject: The tasks for the week

Hey [Name],

Here is a list of the tasks and due dates we agreed upon at our last meeting: [List of things to do with due dates]

Here is a list of the important things we agreed on and the choices we made. [List of important things]

Thank you

[Your Name]

7. The "Resource Sharing"

Subject: I hope these are helpful to you!

Hey [Name]

It was a great meeting and I learned so much. I remembered that I had some resources I thought you might be interested in. They are related to what we talked about today at the meeting about [Subject]. I hope they are helpful for you!



8. The "Looking Forward to Our Next Steps"

Subject: I'm counting days for our next meeting

Hi [Name],

Being able to work with you is really exciting to me. As soon as the next steps are taken, I can't wait to see what this partnership can bring.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

9. The "Let's Connect on LinkedIn"

Subject: Got LinkedIn?

Hey [Name],

I enjoyed talking to you today. I would also like to stay in touch with you via LinkedIn.

I hope we can continue to share useful information and help each other grow as professionals.

Many thanks,

[Your Name]

10. The "Follow-Up on a Specific Topic"

Subject: Got some ideas I'd love to share.

Hello [Name]

I just wanted to follow up on our conversation about [topic]. I've done some research and have some new ideas that I would like to share. I'm willing to discuss this further when you have time.

Please let me now know when you are available.


[Your Name]

11. The "Thank You for the Introduction"

Subject: It went great because of you!

Hi [Name],

Thanks for introducing me to [Contact's Name]. Our discussions were smooth because of your introduction and that was really helpful.

I'm excited to look into working together.


[Your Name]

12. The "Let's Set Up a Demo"

Subject: I think I should show you how this works..

Hello [Name],

During our conversation today, I noticed that it would be useful to show you how our service/product works.

When is a good time for me demonstrate our [product/service]?

Can't wait. We look forward to providing you with a complete update on our services.


[Your Name]

13. The "Looking Forward to Your Feedback"

Subject: How did I do?

Hi [Name],

I would greatly appreciate hearing your perspective on the ideas we discussed today as I find them most valuable. Let's set up a time when we can talk further.


[Your Name]

14. The "Follow-Up on a Request"

Subject: I have all the information requested for the next meeting

Hi [Name],

I'm checking in about the things we talked about today at the meeting. I have got the information you asked for. Feel free to hit me up if you need anything else.


[Your Name]

15. The "Let's Plan Our Next Meeting"

Subject: Let's do it again sometime next week?

Hi [Name],

I absolutely enjoyed our discussion and thank you for scheduling your time to meet today and discuss.

Please let me know how we can we schedule a meeting recap in our next meeting to get an in depth idea.

Looking forward to meeting attendees at our next meeting!


[Your Name]

16. The "Thank You for Your Hospitality"

Subject: What a welcoming experience!

Hi [Name],

I would like to thank you for your friendliness throughout our conference today. It was a satisfying conference in such a welcoming atmosphere.


[Your Name]

17. The “Concept Got Approved but Not the Pricing”

Subject: You love [Product Name]? We got options for you!!

Hello [client name],

We are so excited to hear that you love the concept of [Project Name].

We noticed that pricing could be an issue. You need not worry at all. We are happy to discuss alternative options which may better suit your budget.

Are you available for a short call next week to talk about these options?


[Your Name]

18. The “Let’s Collaborate”

Subject: Let's take a risk for a better future!

Dear [Name],

I am very pleased with the way today's conference went, but I also see that we have a lot of potential to work together.

We hope this will allow us to take some risks and see what happens.

I look forward to hearing from you!


[Your Name]

19. The "Ghost Client"

Subject: Uh oh! Did we lose you?

Hello [Client name]

Checking in on [Project Name] chat. You're not alone if things have been crazy!

We wanted to know if you had any questions or if we could help in any other way. In case you find it useful, we've included a [infographic/blog/video] about [mention an important tip relevant to the project].

If you need to refresh your memory on [Project Name] or are ready to go, please contact me.

Talk soon

[Your Name]

20. The “Client Got an Offer From Competition”

Subject: Competitor Who?

Hello [Client Name],

Thank you for being transparent about this other offer. We value your honesty.

Confident in our ability to deliver the optimal solution for [Project Name]. Competition allows us to showcase our unique value!

When are you free so we can exceed your expectations?

Looking forward to it all.

With best wishes,

[Your Name].

21. The “Client With Unrealistic Expectations”

Subject: You have an amazing out of the world vision however....

Hello [Client name],

Let's talk about [Project Name] We are excited about the project, but we want to make sure everything is in line with the budget and timeline.

We may need to make some adjustments in order to reach our goals.

Next week, are you free to talk?


[Your Name]

22. The “My WiFi Isn’t Working AKA Technical Difficulties”

Subject: It was our WIFI all along.

Hi Team

Please accept our apologies for any technical difficulties that occurred during the [Project Name] Meeting today.

We'll reschedule [date] for [time] so that we can have a better experience.

In the meantime I have summarized key points that we've discussed [link to notes from the meeting or a recording of further discussion, if it is available].

Please fill in any details you may have missed or ask questions.

We look forward to a productive follow up!


[Your Name]

23. The “Solution for an Effortless Meeting Process”

Subject: Meet jamie

Hi Team

To fix the feeling of being overwhelmed by the constant meeting process, I would recommend that the team use jamie.

jamie is an AI meeting note taking app.

You can ask for help if you don't know how to install jamie or navigate the platform. We can arrange a Google meeting to walk you through the onboarding.

I guarantee that installing and integrating jamie into our work will increase the efficiency and productivity of meetings.

Here are some benefits you would gain by installing jamie.

jamie records important points and makes decisions that allow you to participate.

Get concise summaries of meetings and action items.

No need to scramble any more! Search transcripts easily.

Chat with AI about the meeting.

Let's have a meeting for tomorrow to talk about jamie!


[Your Name]

24. The “We Ran Into a Roadblock”

Subject: We Ran Into A Minor Hurdle

Hello [Client Name],

Just wanted to let you know we've encountered an obstacle with [Project Name]. We are working on finding a solution and will keep you posted as things progress.



25. The “Follow-up on a Referral”

Subject: Here's a little gift from us for your trust in us!

Hi [Client Name]

Thank you so much for referring [Your Company] to [Client Name]. We truly appreciate the trust placed in us and recently got in contact with them about [Briefly describe their needs].

As a token of our appreciation, please find enclosed [incentive such as discount]. We value your business and look forward to helping both of us succeed!


[Your Name].

Get ahead of the Competition by Partnering With jamie

Using jamie is as simple as pressing start when you start your meeting; You can focus on what really matters and jamie will take care that everything is captures, and you receive detailed meeting notes that provide not only a summary but also a full transcript and action items.

jamie will provide you detailed meeting notes that are already sorted, so no need to worry about switching between topics, jamie has your back.

jamie can not only take notes for you but you can also chat with jamie and ask anything about your meetings. Simply ask questions like:

“What were the main takeaways from my last meetings?”

“Summarize all my meetings from the last week”

“Write a short 2-sentence summary of the decisions we made in my last meeting”

jamie can also track down the key points of lengthy meetings ( you can finally catch your zzz's ); that way, you won't miss out on boring meetings as you already have the key points discussed in the meeting (thanks to jamie).

You can also ask jamie to craft personalized subject lines depending on the meeting information and all the meeting requests, and it only takes a few minutes. The time you take to grab a pen or paper, jamie can craft up to 10 emails, all personalized and curated to fit into unique clients’ pain points and meeting requests.

With the help of jamie, you can land in your recipient’s inbox and ‘get opened’ through these personalization opportunities with jamie. As we all know, impressions matter. jamie can provide you with the personalization for follow-up emails.

If you liked this article and find even the tiniest bit of value, please share it among your friends and download the templates for future encounters.

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