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50+ Relatable Meeting Memes to Get You Through 2024

Need a laugh during your next meeting? Check out these 50+ relatable meeting memes that will get you through 2024. Perfect for sharing with your work buddies!

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I love meeting memes! If you are like me, you are looking for some great memes for work or simply about meeting notes! Then you are definitely in the right place! We all know the struggle between actually paying attention in a meeting or participating and taking great meeting notes.

One of the fun ways to laugh about the pain of writing meeting notes or work in general is by sending your colleagues or friends some awesome and relatable memes, right?

download jamie - never take meeting notes again

But do you know what? Now you can skip the whole manual meeting note-taking process and let jamie write the meeting notes for you during the next Zoom meeting!  it's the SMART way to take meeting notes these days!

Since there are so many funny memes out about this topic, it actually took us a while to narrow it down to the funniest ones + I added some of my own, well quite a lot of my own memes, especially those highlighting the pain of an unproductive meeting or the importance of a collaborative agenda. In this age of virtual meetings, these memes hit closer to home than ever.

Ok now without further ado let's get started and ride the meme train!

Types of Meeting Memes

  1. Taking Meeting Notes Meme
  2. Staff Meeting Memes
  3. Funny Meeting Memes
  4. Zoom Meeting Memes
  5. Work Meeting Memes
  6. Safety Meeting Memes
  7. Business Meeting Memes
  8. Virtual Meeting Memes
  9. Team Meeting Memes

Funny Taking Meeting Notes Meme

We all know how hard it is to multitask. But there is nothing worse than having to take notes or meeting minutes while at the same time having to participate.

1. Hardest choice ever: Actually listening vs writing down meeting notes

actually listen, write down every word

2. Forget note-taking! jamie takes all the decisions, action items, transcripts, and meeting summary all while you enjoy the meeting.

meeting meme: when you forgot to take action items during the meeting

3. All thanks to jamie the only AI meeting tool that will accurately identify speaks and write your meeting notes!

taking notes in old days, taking notes now

4. Once you go jamie, you will never go back!

ai note taking tool

5. The moment when you receive your colleague's notes and have no clue what the meeting was about

jamie - never take meeting notes again

6. When your boss complimented you on your amazing notes, but you used jamie to write them for you.

When your boss compliments you on the amazing notes you took

7. jamie can organize everything for you!

trying to organize my notes

8. What if I told you that highlighting everything in your notes is the same as not highlighting at all?

what if i told you that if you highlight everything in the notes, nothing will stand out

9. When it's your turn again to write the meeting notes/ minutes

when its you turn again to write the meeting notes/minutes - help

10. Me when pretending to write notes during the meeting but then not writing anything at the end

jamie - never take meeting notes again

11. Doodling instead of writing meeting notes.

I don't always take notes in meetings, but when i do they in the form of a doodle

12. Me, in our next all-hands meeting


me in my next all hands

13. Why even make the effort of manual note-taking when most of us probably never review our meeting notes anyway? 

actually review them , never look at them again, taking good notes

14. When you realize it's your turn to write meeting notes

when you realize its your turn to take meeting notes, kevin heart looking shocked away from the mic

15. When you leave a meeting and do not take notes of all the important tasks that you have to follow up on

please let there be a transcript for i did not take notes

16. When your college tells you that there is no way out, you have to take notes.

note taking is a serious business

17. What? You are still taking manual meeting notes? 

what? you are still taking manual meeting notes?

18. Why do you still take manual meeting notes? 

me:manual note taking (drake saying no) Me: using jamie to take meeting notes (drake saying yes)

19. When your boss asks you if you have taken notes? 

when your boss asks if you have taken notes

20. Download jamie to give your hands a rest!! and enjoy meetings better!!!

jamie - never take meetings notes again

Staff Meeting Memes

21. Nope. The meeting is OVER Steve!!

when the staff meeting is just about to be over and then someone asks for another question

22. When you need your work bestie to check their phone... NOW.

how you stare at your friend during a staff meeting, until they read the text you just sent

23. Our patience level: Officially deceased. RIP 🪦

me making my "can you believe this sht face" to my friend at the staff meeting

24. Just nodding along like I took notes. #Thanksjamie

me reading the listof all the important take aways from the staff meeting

25.  But hey, at least jamie will document it all!

Funny Meeting Memes

26. * Internally Screaming *

i love meetings, meetings are my favourtie. also me: *crying*

27.  It's Friday. My brain only speaks in pizza and Netflix. Cancel the meeting. 🙏

once again i’m asking you,to stop scheduling meetings on Friday. No one wants to meet

28. But hey, at least I showed up, right... right?

meeting meme

29. My brain after the 10th meeting this week: AAAAAAAAAA

meeting meme: My brain after the 10th meeting this week: AAAAAAAAAA

30. Starting to think they enjoy making us suffer through these meetings.

meeting meme: that meeting could have been an email

Zoom Meeting Memes

31. Day 1 vs. Reality

meeting meme

32. The only video call dress code that matters. #WFHLife

meeting meme: my coworkers and me ready for another of zoom meetings

33. 'Can you guys hear me?' is the new 'hello' in 2024. 🎙️

meeting meme: That first 10 minutes of the zoom meeting where everyone is  asking if you can hear or see them and you're just like..

34. Zoom call with the boss + "Mommy, I'm hungry!" = Parenting at its finest

meeting meme: when you zoom with your boss and the kids want food

35. From bedhead to (almost) ready-for-work in 30 seconds flat.

meeting meme: From bedhead to (almost) ready-for-work in 30 seconds flat

Work Meeting Memes

36. The email did not, in fact, find me well. I'm running late, stressed, with yesterday's coffee still in hand.

meeting meme: Hope this email finds you well" How the email found me

37.  Act natural. Look important. Fake it till you make it.

meeting meme: When my manager brings me into a senior level meeting and I'm trying to act like I'm important and add value too

38. 'This is the break room, the printer that never works, and... oh yeah, the official crying corner.'

meeting meme: when they ask you to show the new employee around the office

39. Maybe I should just live at work at this point. #AlwaysLate

meeting meme: when you realize that you're going to be late for work again

40. They say you can't function on 4 hours of sleep. They clearly haven't met me and my questionable life choices.

meeting meme: "There's no way you can work off  just 4 hours sleep

Safety Meeting Memes

41. Is it too early to apologize?

42. Living my best life and starring in the company safety video.

meeting meme: when you are the reason for the company safety video

Business Meeting Memes

43. Told you so

Meeting meme: Me and my coworker watching our manager freak out over something  that we mentioned would be a problem months ago...

44.  RIP my career (and dignity) 🪦🙏

meeting meme: When you accidentally share the wrong screen

Virtual Meeting Memes

45.  Summoning the spirits... of a decent internet connection

zoom meetings are just modern seances

46. Ugh, this meeting is like watching paint dry.

meeting meme: me: this show is boring, boss: this is a zoom conference

Team Meeting Memes

47. One overachiever, one clueless uncle, a fake helpful cousin, and a ghost who shows up for dessert!

meeting meme

48.  No but really....FACTS!

funny work memes

49. Sending out major "Is it Friday yet?" vibes on this fine Tuesday.

funny memes for meetings

50.  And that will be the last you hear of me!

best memes for work

I hope you liked one or two memes in my selection. If you have a great meme about meeting notes or work in general that I missed, please let me know, and feel free to send it to me at hey@meetjamie.ai. (It would make my day so please share so I can add it to this collection and make someone else's day brighter)

jamie never take meeting notes again

And if you're tired of taking notes during those unproductive meetings, why not let jamie handle it for you? Download jamie, the AI meeting assistant, and experience the difference a collaborative agenda can make in your virtual meetings. Don't miss out!! make your next Zoom meeting more productive and enjoyable with jamie!

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