April 2023


20 Best Meeting Notes Memes & GIFs 2023

Are you looking for some great memes about note-taking or meeting minutes? Then this is the right thing for you. I have curated my favorite note-taking memes, and created some myself too.

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Are you looking for some great memes about note-taking in meetings? Then you are definitely in the right place! We all know the struggle between actually paying attention in a meeting or participating and taking great meeting notes

But it's always fun to send your colleagues or friends some awesome and relatable memes, right? 

But do you know what is even more funny than that? Letting jamie write the meeting notes for you!

Since there are so many funny memes out about this topic, it actually took us a while to narrow it down to the most funny once + I added some of my own.

Ok now without further ado let’s get started!

POV: Trying to take notes and participating at the same time

We all know how hard it is to multitask. But there is nothing worse than having to take notes or meeting minutes while at the same time having to participate.

Hardest choice ever: Actually listing vs writing down meeting notes

This meme literally depicts me in every meeting before I had jamie.

When you realize that there are no action items after you left the meeting

If there is one thing that you should always note down, then it's the action items, right?

Taking meeting notes: Back in the days vs now

Are you using an AI assistant already or still taking manual notes?

Me, when everyone else still writes manual meeting notes!

The moment when you have been writing manual meeting your whole career and all of a sudden discover jamie.

The moment when you receive your colleague's notes and have no clue what the meeting was about

It doesn't matter if it's handwritten or typed meeting notes. We all had this moment where we received meeting notes/minutes of an important meeting and did not understand a single word of what was written there.

When your boss complements you on your amazing notes, but you just used your AI assistant instead.

Let's be honest, there is no reason to waste so much time nowadays on meeting notes, just get your personal AI assistant.

Me when I am trying to organize my handwritten notes before the next team meeting

Do you also have a stack of notebooks or a draw filled with paper next to your desk? 

What if I told you that highlighting everything in your notes is the same as not highlighting at all.

You can not tell me that you never did that or at least know someone that does this?

When it's your turn again to write the meeting notes/ minutes

We all love it, don't we?

Me when pretending to write notes during the meeting but then not writing anything at the end

We all did that. Super ambitious in the beginning and then after the meeting we stare at a blank piece of paper.

Doodling instead of actually writing meeting notes.

What is the best doodle you have ever scrabbled? 

Me in our next all hands meeting

Just imagine if all powerful people would take notes like that? 

Why even make the effort of manual note-taking when most of us probably never review their meeting notes anyways? 

How often do you review your notes? 

When you realize it's your turn to write meeting notes

We all know that, right? Your boss: "Hey, John could you please take meeting notes today?" You: "ahhh yes of course".

When you leave a meeting and did not take notes of all the important tasks that you have to follow up on

There is nothing worse than leaving a meeting and realizing that you should have taken notes

When your college tells you that there is no way out, you have to take notes.

This one college that still believes that manual note-taking will stay forever.

What? You are still taking manual meeting notes? 

Have you been living under a rock the last year? 

Why do you still take manual meeting notes? 

It's time to focus on what really matters...

When your boss asks you if you have taken notes? 

This is probably not the best feeling, but can be avoided.

I hope there was one or two memes in my selection that you liked. If you have a great meme about meeting notes that I am missing, please let me know and feel more than happy to send it to me at hey@meetjamie.ai

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