How to Capture Decisions Made in Slack

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What are Main Decisions Made in a Meeting?

The main decisions of a meeting are the outcomes and agreements reached by the participants regarding specific topics or issues that were discussed during the meeting. They can take many forms, such as votes, approvals, or general consensus, and typically involve making choices or determining next steps for a project or business initiative. Some common examples of main decisions made during meetings include approving a budget, selecting a vendor, establishing a timeline for a project, or making changes to a product design.

Why are Capturing Main Decisions so Important?

Clarity and transparency

By documenting the main decisions of a meeting, you ensure that everyone is informed and aware of the outcomes reached during the meeting.

Improved communication

Capturing the main decisions in a meeting helps to ensure that everyone is informed about the decisions that were made and the actions that will be taken moving forward.

Increased accountability

By documenting the main decisions of a meeting, you increase accountability by holding individuals and teams responsible for following through on their commitments and decisions.

How to Capture Decisions Made in


Unfortunately, there is no option to capture decisions made directly, which means you need to manually write them down yourself. This can be a quite time-consuming task.

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