October 2023


Monthly Roundup - September

We at jamie want to keep you in the loop on the things we’ve been working on, the changes we are making to our product, and offer a peak behind the scenes at jamie. Let’s get started.


Louis from jamie here with your monthly product roundup.

But first, there’s great news: we’re officially public, so everyone can get started with jamie without a waitlist.

But now onto what’s new, read on or watch me walk you through what's new.

💬 Early feature access: semantic search

Having great meeting notes is great. But the reason why meeting notes are useful is when you’re looking for specific pieces of information from past meetings. Looking through notes to find that one piece you are looking for is cumbersome, this is why we are excited to finally announce early access to semantic search.

jamie can now answer all your questions about past meetings. Draft a follow-up email? No problem. High-level key-takeaways? No problem. Most common questions asked? Give it a shot!

We are slowly inviting some of our customers to have early access as we perfect the experience. If you’re interested in having access, just shoot us a message.

👋 Bye-bye manual headphone mode (windows)

Until now, Windows users had to manually toggle a switch to ensure jamie works when using headphones. But fear no more, jamie has gotten smarter and now seamlessly uses the right audio whenever you start a meeting. No need to worry about headphones ever again.

☑️ Link-sharing includes action items

You can easily share your notes with the click of a button inside jamie. Now, this sharing link also contains all the tasks and decisions (aka action items) that jamie automatically suggests.

We’re working hard on shipping some bigger, exciting features next months, so stick around 👀

If in the meantime, there’s anything we can do to make jamie better for you, shoot us a message.

Until next time,


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