July 2023


Monthly Roundup - July

We at jamie want to keep you in the loop on the things we’ve been working on, the changes we are making to our product, and offer a peak behind the scenes at jamie. Let’s get started.


Hi there,

Louis from jamie here with your monthly roundup on what we have shipped to make your (work) life easier.

We’ve been busy building cool stuff, you can either, read on or watch me walking you through the new features.

Let’s go 🚀

More details & numbers in meeting summaries

Precise details and numbers play a crucial role in meetings. We tweaked jamie in a way that summaries now include numbers and specific facts more extensively. Happy number crunching 🔢

Easily fix typos with find & replace

Sometimes jamie misunderstands acronyms or unique names that you use in your life. But fear not, we have good news. Now, when you fix a word, jamie allows you to replace it everywhere in a summary with just one click.

Teach jamie custom words (beta)

Acronyms and names are sometimes hard to be picked up correctly by jamie. We added a way for you to add custom words which helps jamie to get them right in the transcriptions and summaries. While it already works great in some cases, we are actively working on pushing this accuracy even more in the coming months.

Introducing easy company billing

To have jamie for yourself is cool, but remember sharing is caring. After many requests, we finally shipped company billing allowing you to set up an admin that can manage the plans of the entire organisation. If you want to use this, schedule a call with our team so we can get you up and running.

We have many smaller improvements to robustness coming week over week. Also, a small face-lift is planned for the next month.

There are some bigger projects that we want to start so we need your input: which feature would help you most in your work life?

  1. Generation of briefings (based on your email history with the person you’re meeting with)
  2. Mobile app for jamie (to summarise offline meetings)
  3. Generation of follow-up emails

Feel free to reply to this message with any other ideas, wishes, or feedback you have.

Thanks for being a valued jamie customer. We can’t wait to continue building something remarkable together with you 🤝


P.S. we are excited to welcome Isabel to our team helping us grow over the coming months 👋🏼

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