August 2023


How AI Transforms Note-Taking in Business

Every conversation, decision, and action item holds the potential to shape the trajectory of deals and partnerships. And even beyond that, just think about how much time you spend every day writing meeting notes. Now, add this up to weeks, months, even years… you’ll get the idea. Keep reading to find out how to trade your pen and piece of paper for the power of AI, and the best AI tools to use for automated note-taking.


Note-taking of meetings might seem like a simple task, but its significance cannot be overstated enough - after all, dynamic meetings including valuable information about projects, ideas and so on can only be implemented and tracked once kept safely in a professional meeting summary.  Every conversation, decision, and action item holds the potential to shape the trajectory of deals and partnerships. And even beyond that, just think about how much time you spend every day writing meeting notes. Now, add this up to weeks, months, even years… you’ll get the idea.

Did you know that professionals have approximately 5-11 meetings per week while 39% of employees don’t want to trouble their colleagues by asking for meeting content, thus joining meetings even if they are packed with other responsibilities? That's almost half a workday dedicated solely to transcribing discussions, decisions, and ideas, let alone, having to take notes for yourself to be informed of decisions and next steps. Using AI tools can save you countless hours you could spend doing something far more important with your time, whether you’d choose to invest it in personal relationships, yourself, or other work-related tasks you always wanted to give more energy to.

Ultimately, it only makes sense to optimize this process with the help of technology, in particular - you guessed it - Artificial Intelligence (AI). Tools like jamie can provide you with meeting notes in just one click, including action items, decisions and the opportunity to customize your templates (more about that later). Let’s explore the main differences between manual note-taking and AI note-taking, the benefits of utilizing AI and the 5 best tools to receive automated meeting notes in just one click.

The Difference between Note-Taking: Manual vs. AI

You can find the main differences between manual note-taking and AI note-taking in the table below - perhaps this will underline the immense benefits of using AI tools for automated meeting notes even further.

While manual note-taking can be a time-consuming process, especially when trying to capture every detail accurately, AI note-taking provides real-time transcription, taking just a few minutes to process. The process of writing notes can be labor-intensive, requiring intense focus and quick writing skills. Further, it can be challenging to include every detail in real-time. With AI, it’s as simple as a few clicks to initiate the process. The process runs completely in the background, enabling active participation. And while understanding accents or overcoming language barriers can be quite a challenge, especially in multicultural meetings, AI note-taking tools, like jamie, supports over 15 languages. At the end of the meeting, you will be automatically provided with action items and decisions, instead of having to manually scatter them together from your manual notes.

As you can see, limitations of traditional notes in capturing meeting outcomes are plenty. Contrary to that, AI offers countless possibilities to create actionable meeting notes, easily shareable with colleagues in just one click. Tracking your meeting notes will allow your team to gain actionable insights and to follow through with plans. Imagine transforming the post-meeting dialogue into actionable insights. AI-driven summaries can sift through the chatter and extract key takeaways, saving valuable time that you would spend to go through lengthy meeting transcripts. By adopting AI note-taking, you can accelerate post-meeting strategies, making it easier to identify trends, track action items, and keep everyone on the same page.

Exploring the 5 Best AI Tools for Note-Taking


jamie is a personal AI meeting assistant that takes AI generated meeting notes during your meeting and summarizes them within seconds. After the meeting is done, you receive an executive summary, topic based notes and all decisions and tasks of your meeting. You then can edit (if needed) and share your notes with your colleges.

jamie makes sure all important topics and action items are included, so you can focus on participating in the meeting and creating value that matters.

Image Credits: jamie


jamie's main features are:

  • Different languages: You can use jamie in more than 15 languages (including accents) and receive great business writing quality meeting notes
  • No virtual meeting bot: Because jamie only records the audio of your meetings and runs natively on macOS and Windows, there is no need to confuse your clients with a meeting bot in the call.
  • High flexibility: jamie works across all online meeting software, even offline in a meeting room. This makes it easier than ever to summarize your meetings.
  • Privacy and control: jamie does NOT join every call automatically but first asks for permission to record, so you keep all the control


Otter is a transcription and collaboration tool that helps teams capture and summarize conversations from online meetings. It integrates with leading video conference tools including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Otter also allows users to import and transcribe pre-recorded audio and video files.

Image Credits: Otter


Otter's main features:

  • Live captions during your online meetings for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet
  • Receive transcripts and automatically generated meeting agendas of your meetings
  • Manually highlight important items in your transcript


Fireflies is a tool that can be used to record, transcription and search conversations that have been recorded. It helps teams to share and search transcripts of meetings.

Image Credits: Fireflies


Fireflies's main features:

  • The Fireflies video conferencing bot will automatically access your calendar and join meetings
  • Fireflies lets you upload pre-recorded audio files to transcribe them
  • Fireflies offers integrations to Dropbox or Onedrive to store long transcripts directly in the cloud


Sembly is an AI assistant that transforms your meeting discussions into searchable text and analyzes your meeting transcript to give intelligent insights. Sembly allows you to extract specific action items, or other highlights, from your transcript.

Image Credits: Sembly


Sembly's main features:

  • You can invite Sembly to join your meeting via email or synchronizing your calendar
  • Sembly can create a transcript of your meeting and highlight key items


The next AI meeting tool is Fathom. It allows its users to create meeting recordings in Zoom and transcripts of those meetings afterwards. Through actively clicking on a button, you can highlight moments in your meeting that will then be marked in the transcript.

Image Credits: Fathom


Fathom's main features are:

  • Highlighting and summarizing short parts of the conversation once the button is clicked
  • Offering full transcriptions of the Zoom call

Now that you have reached the end of our article, we hope you will embrace AI note-taking like we do as part of our work and beyond. Explore what AI tools have to offer and stay up to date about new features to get the most out of your streamlined workflows. After all, do you really want to sharpen your pen and hectically search for a piece of paper before every meeting? Don’t mind if you do - we’ll be using jamie in the meantime, not that you’ll be able to tell anyway. ;)

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