August 2023


Unleashing Productivity with Bot-Free AI Meeting Assistants

What if AI could lend a hand to provide you with automated meeting notes without being all in-your-face? Keep reading to learn about AI meeting assistants that work behind the scenes, boosting productivity without being the center of attention. After all, the real trick here is making teamwork even better by having AI back us up, not take over.


What is a bot-free AI assistant?

Efficient meetings bring teams together to make united decisions in order to create greater value for the company. But let's face it, trying to make meetings super efficient can feel like a challenge, especially when you are the one that has to take notes while staying fully present. Bot-free AI tools can be the solution.

Think of an AI virtual assistant bot like a separate participant that enters, for instance your Zoom call, in order to record the audio to take notes. Using AI in the workplace has plenty of solutions, mainly supporting you in tasks to enable you to reach greater productivity. However, in the context of meetings, the presence of AI bots can sometimes disrupt human interactions, for instance, some employees or clients might feel uneasy when a bot joins the call.

Imagine you are an external participant joining a meeting, only expecting your human counterpart to join. Especially then, it can be confusing and maybe even intimidating to see that a bot is recording you, let alone given that you (or the participants joining the meeting) have the understanding of what a bot even is. Now, you might understand why many companies and individuals who want to make use of AI, for example to generate meeting summaries, want to use a tool that is bot-free (Spoiler Alert: Jamie, is such a tool).

Now that we have a better understanding of bot-free AI assistants, let us dive right into the main benefits.

The Importance of Bot-free AI tools

To fully understand the buzz behind bot-free tools, imagine yourself in the following scenarios:

1. Imagine you’re leading an external sales call, having a discussion with an important potential client while having to take notes on the side. “No more”, you think to yourself as you scroll through various AI tools to take over this task for you. You find one, download it - you’re good to go… but then you enter the next sales call and, ping, an awkward interruption is caused as the AI bot chimes in.

2. Now, imagine you're on an external sales call, engaging a potential client in a critical conversation. As you discuss intricate details and answer questions, your bot-free AI tool quietly captures the essence of your conversation in the background. No awkward pause - just two humans in a call.

The second scenario sounds better right? Well, if you agree, bot-free AI tools might just be the thing for you!

The Benefits of bot-free AI tools

  • Uninterrupted Engagement

When fostering the advantages of a bot-free AI tool, you will be able to foster genuine interactions. For example, knowing that they will be recorded, some participants may feel uneasy or watch exactly what they are saying.

  • Enhanced Collaboration

Bot-free AI works subtly in the background, which can make teamwork more productive, weaving insights together for more productive teamwork.

  • Seamless External Communication

Joining or presenting yourself in an external call is often calling for a bit more of a  professional image. By avoiding awkward AI interruptions during client calls, you can maintain your professional image by focusing on the next benefit: authentic connections.

  • Authentic Connections

Being in a call, whether 1 on 1 or in a team, allows for teamwork, relationship building (for instance with a client) and other forms of human connections. Thus, bot-free Ai tools support connections with colleagues and clients without AI-related discomfort.

Ultimately, bot-free AI meeting assistants make sure to capture the content of your meeting without interrupting the flow of the conversation and the creation of a genuine human interaction. By running completely in the background, these tools can capture your meeting conversations without causing interruptions, focusing on amplifying human potential rather than overshadowing it.

A Comparison of AI-tools for Meeting Notes

Imagine a scenario where a project team is collaborating on a complex product launch. As they meet virtually to discuss strategies, the AI meeting assistant silently absorbs the discussions. After the meeting, you are being provided with a professional summary that captures the action items and key decisions. The team members, equipped with this comprehensive summary, can seamlessly collaborate and start putting theory into practice. This not only streamlines the process but also showcases how AI can be a valuable ally in driving projects forward.

One exemplary AI meeting assistant that embodies the notion of a bot-free experience is Jamie. This virtual assistant operates entirely in the background, observing, understanding, and summarizing discussions without ever joining the call as a bot. Unlike other tools, which can occasionally disrupt the meeting dynamics, Jamie maintains the flow of human connection and engaged discussions while silently providing automated summaries.

Below, you can find an overview of AI tools, and in-depth information about their features, for instance whether or not it joins the call as a bot or provides automated meeting notes.

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The Best Bot-Free AI Tools for Meeting Notes

1. Jamie

Meet Jamie, an AI assistant that transforms the way you work by providing you with automated meeting notes in 15+ languages. This bot-free tool seamlessly generates professional meeting summaries in just one click, capturing all the essential details as well as action items and decisions. Make use of its various features, for instance templates to customize your summaries and teaching jamie your company-specific acronyms or product names - your colleagues will be impressed. The cherry on top: all your information is securely stored on a server in Frankfurt, in Germany, under GDPR regulation.

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Key Features:

  • Instant Summaries

Generate business-quality summaries of meetings within seconds using audio from any meeting software or room, including action items, decisions, and the full transcript.

  • Multilingual Support

Trained on 170 billion parameters, Jamie can be used across 15+ languages for seamless international communication.

  • Customizable Output

Tailor the summaries to be as detailed or concise as desired, catering to individual preferences and needs.

  • Secure Hosting

All research-based summaries are securely hosted in Frankfurt, Germany, ensuring data protection.

  • Easy Sharing

Share summaries with meeting participants effortlessly with just a click of a button.

2. Krisp

Krisp's technology cancels out ambient noise, untangles echoes, and fine-tunes accents for seamless communication. Thus, it allows you to engage in conversations without the distraction of background noise, echoes, or language barriers. It can also impact your meeting experience by providing comprehensive meeting notes and transcriptions as well as decision items. With customisable templates, it allows you to enable the tool to fit to your specific needs in the best way possible.

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Key Features:

  • Advanced Noise Cancellation

Experience more clarity in your conversations with Krisp's technology that eliminates background noise and distractions.

  • Echo Cancellation

Krisp's echo cancellation ensures that your voice comes through crisply, creating a natural dialogue.

  • Accent Localization

Krisp's accent localisation adapts to different accents and dialects, making interactions smoother and more understandable.

  • Meeting Notes and Transcription

Krisp doubles as your AI meeting assistant, generating comprehensive meeting notes and transcribing discussions accurately.

  • Customizable Templates

Krisp's templates and discussion items allow you to streamline your preparation and ensure that all crucial topics are covered.

Practical Implementation: Making AI Assistants Work for You

While the concept of bot-free AI meeting assistants sounds promising, you may ask yourself: “How can I effectively integrate them into my business operations?” Let's explore some practical tips to maximize the benefits of these tools:

1. Choosing the Right Tool

Begin by evaluating your specific needs and the features offered by each tool. Does your team require automated decision-making assistance, or is seamless note-taking and summarizing your priority? You can align the capabilities with your specific needs by using our overview, provided to you above (“A Comparison of AI-tools for Meeting Notes”).

2. Post-Meeting Review

After receiving the automated summary, take a few minutes to review and edit if needed. For example, you might want to add external materials or merge your notes. Make sure that you are fully satisfied with the output before sharing it with your colleagues.

3. Customization and Templates

Some AI meeting assistants offer customizable templates for meeting summaries. Thus, you can adjust the summary output to your needs by adding a template or picking a pre-made one (if you would like to try it out for free, you can try jamie or a similar tool that fits your needs).

We hope that you find these tips for practical implementation helpful and see for yourself how much time you can save by using AI tools to streamline your workflow.
When it comes to boosting productivity in engaging meetings, bot-free AI meeting assistants can be game-changing. These unobtrusive AI tools allow participants to focus on what truly matters – meaningful conversation and collaboration - all without being distracted or irritated. If you would like to boost seamless collaboration in your team or simply try it out for yourself, we hope this article gives you the means to do so. Good luck with your next (AI-supported) call!

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