November 2023


Monthly Roundup - October

We at jamie want to keep you in the loop on the things we’ve been working on, the changes we are making to our product, and offer a peak behind the scenes at jamie. Let’s get started.


Louis from jamie here with your monthly product roundup.

In October, we were busy working on foundational improvements to our core product under the hood. Two large projects (headphone mode refactor on mac & a UI facelift) will ship early November. Nevertheless, three important improvements are available already to all of our customers:

💬 Ask jamie anything public roll-out

We shipped an early access preview of ask jamie anything to some selected customers last month and after a successful test run, we are now revealing it to all of our paid plans. You will get access over the coming days and can ask any question (related to meetings) to jamie and receive a high-quality answer.

🗣️ Referral Program

We added a referral program to jamie to reward everyone who helps us spread the word. You can find your personal referral link in settings > referral program. If a friend signs-up through that link, you both will receive 5 free meeting credits. If your friend then upgrades to a paid plan, you will receive a free month on jamie’s standard plan. We want to thank every single one of you helping us grow.

⚡️ Faster Summaries

Until now, a few summaries took quite some time to process because of the complex nature of our summary pipeline. We were able to significantly decrease the number of those “slow” summaries as we added countless improvements to robustness. But fear not, that’s just the beginning of improvements to summary speed.

Stay tuned for a UI overhaul & the new improved headphone mode on mac very soon. Also, our backlog is packed with exciting things we can’t wait to bring to your very shortly.

Until next time,


P.S. We’re welcoming 3 new team members, Egor, Markus and David, who will help us build out the product in record speed. Stay tuned for what’s to come 👀

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