December 2023


Monthly Roundup - November

We at jamie want to keep you in the loop on the things we’ve been working on, the changes we are making to our product, and offer a peak behind the scenes at jamie. Let’s get started.


Louis from jamie here with your monthly product roundup.

We’re in the middle of two big projects which we aim to complete just in-time for Christmas, so you have a great reason to celebrate 🎄.

Luckily, there are still changes you can celebrate now already…

💅 Improved Application Design

You will see that we enriched the meeting dashboard with more data, which makes it easier to navigate. Also, the meeting notes section is now packed with more information and shows decisions and tasks on the right-hand side.

🛣️ Public Roadmap

We’re excited to now share with you our public roadmap. You can vote on features, suggest new ones, and share feedback easily. This will allow us to serve you and all of our customers better and add more transparency to what’s to come.

🐞 Many Smaller Bug Fixes

Next to this, we fixed a range of smaller bugs in jamie making the application more robust.

We’re heavily testing & improving the updated headphone mode on Mac allowing for frictionless usage very soon. Next to this, we are re-factoring our client application from the ground up to give you the snappiest and most robust experience you deserve.

Until next time!

PS: This month Benedikt (my co-founder) gave an interview, talking about jamie and current trends in AI. You can check it out here.

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