May 2023


jamie 3

jamie 3 is live. And we want to tell you all about it.


After closely iterating together with our early customers over our product during the past months, we are excited to share jamie 3 with the world. We redesigned the application from the ground up to lay the foundation for our expanded vision behind jamie. In this post I want to take the time to shed light on our path forward and what this means for our customers, partners, and product.

Who we want to serve

So far, we had a wide-ranging group of people who signed up for jamie. Our customers are consultants, business professionals, startup founders, or nonprofit organisation. And we are excited to continue serving anyone who could benefit from automated note-taking in human quality. Further, we made the decision to double down on building a differentiated product for a customer group we deeply care about: other founders, startup executives, and VCs. We have been working with this group already closely over the past years and know their workflows well. Also, those people are like us, productivity nerds at heart. This does not mean that we don't want to help other customers gain the same benefit of using jamie in their daily work lives. Yet, it means that we want to focus on solving more problems that other founders, startup executives, and VCs have in their day by applying the power of large language models to the existing workflows.

What we want to build

Going beyond pure meeting summarisation, we are working actively on expanding jamie to a personal operating system (OS) that is powered by generative AI. Our mission is to eliminate all busy work in the world, so our customers can spend more time on the things they actually enjoy doing. Although this might sound vague at the moment, we have a long list of problems and pain points we discovered from hundreds of conversations with people in our target customer group and are now working hard on solving all of them, one at a time. We are starting off by automating manual tasks related to the preparation and post-processing around meetings. At the heart of which remain outstanding summaries that provide customers exactly what they are looking for. This means that soon, automatic briefings that are contextually aware of the meeting you have will be generated for upcoming meetings that are on your calendar. Further, we will draft follow-up emails, arrange invites for follow-up meetings, and allow you to deeply integrate with the other tools you already use in your daily life. Those are small steps, yet allow our customers to save valuable time, every day.

How we will grant access to jamie

Until now, we have been in waitlist-mode. This meant that it sometimes took more than 8 weeks for people to get access to jamie. We did this to ensure we develop something people love and iterate quickly with the feedback we got. We are now slowly reaching a point where we fixed all remaining flaws and adjusted the product in a way that it delivers value on a daily basis for people who spend a lot of time in meetings. This means that soon, we will allow users to self-onboard to jamie without a wait. Yet, we still want to get to know all our users personally in a 1:1 onboarding call and will provide same-week onboarding calls for the foreseeable future. We enjoy those conversations where we can learn about the daily lives of our customers and iterate over the ideas we have to make life easier. This will ensure that we stay in close contact with our customers while following our mission of eliminating all busy work in the world.

What's coming in the next months

As briefly mentioned, we have a long list of small AI-powered features we are shipping over the coming weeks and months to automate a whole range of repetitive tasks you don't like doing. The next thing we are shipping are briefings, follow-up email suggestions, and integrations to other tools you already love. Beyond that, we are keeping an active dialogue with our customers and appreciate any idea, hint, or suggestion. If there is an idea you would like to see us build, we are happy to learn more about the problems you face and see how we could make jamie even more useful for you. Together with our talented team, we are excited to continue building a product people love and grow to a solution thousands of people trust in, every day.

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