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Best 10 AI Tools for Business

You have probably heard of the recent AI hype, right? And now you are on the hunt for the best AI tools out there? Well, this post has selected the best 10 AI tools out there that every one should work with on a daily bases.

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While more and more people are turning to ChatGPT to get answers to all kinds of questions, it's becoming increasingly clear that AI tools are transforming the way we work. And while ChatGPT is certainly a popular choice, it's not the only AI Tool out there (although many of them are based on the same algorithm). As someone who's been experimenting with AI tools for some time now, I've come across a vast array of tools designed to boost productivity, streamline workflows, and spark new ideas. After testing out the most popular options, I've distilled my findings down to a list of the absolute best AI tools you should know about.

Overview of the best AI tools

Content creation tools

Writer's block is a common issue that many people struggle with. I am sure also you have found yourself staring at a blank page and trying to come up with the perfect words to convey your ideas and influence your audience. However, there are now tools available that can help you overcome this challenge and streamline the content creation process.


Jasper is the content marketing genie that can help you with anything from marketing copies to emails. It's like having a personal assistant who can explain complex topics, write summaries, and even produce illustrations to pair with the text you're generating.

Image showing the ai app jasper
Image Credits: Jasper

Jasper comes with lots of templates and recipes that act as frameworks to turn your inputs into output, and you can even rely on it daily to generate content for all your target channels. Think of Jasper as your very own writing wizard, ready to tweak, edit and proof your content with ease and magic.


Once your content is written, you of course want your content to get noticed. So it needs to show up in search results, right? Well, Surfer is like a digital hype man that uses AI to boost your website's content.

Image Credits: Surfer

They even have a dashboard called "Grow Flow" that's like a personalized to-do list for optimizing your content. It's like having a personal assistant who helps you identify opportunities for internal links and missing keywords. It even suggests content ideas with outlines to assist you in getting started. How cool is that?

Here are some things to keep in mind when using AI tools for writing:

  • Make sure the output matches your brand's voice and target audience
  • Fact-check the writing (AI can be sometimes only have right)
  • Be careful not to generate too much content and keep in mind, in the end its about quality not quantity

AI text editing tools

The emergence of AI has revolutionized spell-checking software. While such software used to be limited to detecting spelling mistakes and structural errors, it can now identify complex language, structural issues, and even tone.


Image showing the ai tool LanguageTool
Image Credits: LanguageTool

LanguageTool is like having a grammar guru by your side, making sure your writing is on point. It will tell you if you sound confident, friendly, or like a robot. Language Tool can even give you suggestions on how to rephrase your writing so that it's clear, catchy, and not as boring. Plus, you can use it practically anywhere you need to write something on your computer. It's like magic, but for words.


Image showing the AI tools Wordtune

However, if you want to go even further, Wordtune is the right tool. Next to rewriting, or suggestion the tone of your text, Wordtune, can also shorten or expand your text by the click of a button. But as if that would not be enough already, it now also lets you paste or upload a longer article or text and will summarize the most important points within seconds.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using AI tools for text editing:

  • Watch out, these AI tools can sometimes act like that one friend who always thinks they know things better than you do. Don't blindly follow their advice, but use it as a tool to clarify your writing.
  • Just like adding too much seasoning to your dish, going overboard with the fancy word suggestions can ruin the flavor of your writing. Use the style tools with caution.
  • Some people like to shame others for using these tools, as if they're cheating in the writing game. But let's be real, would you shame a chef for using a food processor instead of grinding everything by hand? I didn't think so.

AI Image generation tools

Who needs an art degree when you have AI image generation apps? As probably many of you, I used to scroll through Unsplash or others for that perfect picture. But since AI image generation tools are out, the world has changed.


Midjourney is like having a genie in a lamp, but instead of granting you three wishes, it creates wild and wacky images based on your written descriptions. It's the ultimate tool for those who can't draw, and the lazy person's dream come true.

Just type in a few words describing what you want to see - "a cat riding a skateboard while eating pizza" - and Midjourney will do the rest. It's like magic, only better, because you don't have to worry about any pesky consequences or genie trickery.


Image showing AI tool DALLE2
Image Credits: DALLE 2

Like Midjourney, also DALL·E 2 is an amazing tool that helps you generate AI images with only a few prompts. The main differences are that Midjourney lets user upscale images to a maximum resolution of 2048×1280, while DALL·E 2 is only at 1024×1024 resolution.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using AI tools for text editing:

  • When it comes to generating images using AI, prompt engineering is crucial. It's the only way to ensure the desired image aesthetic and content.
  • However, creating realistic images can be a challenge, especially when it comes to capturing subtle details like lighting, composition, and facial features.
  • If you're using AI-generated art, it's important to think about how to use it ethically and responsibly.

Meeting notes


Let's be honest, taking notes during meetings is probably the least favorite task. It's always the same. During the meeting you can not focus on the conversation and after the meeting you forget important stuff that should be remembered. Well, say hello to jamie!

Image showing AI tool jamie

jamie is your personal meeting assistant that summarizes everything for you, so you can fully focus on your clients or team members and avoid all the time intensive work of note-taking. Whether you're in a virtual meeting or on site in the office, jamie's got you covered. It works across all meeting platforms and in more than 15 languages. Say bye bye to awkward meeting bots or plugins and start summarizing with jamie. With jamie, you'll always have the important details right at your fingertips.

Meeting scheduling tools

Off to the next annoying task, scheduling meetings. It can be a pain in the neck. Between coordinating time zones, finding available slots that work for everyone, and dealing with last-minute changes, it's enough to make anyone's head spin. But fear not, because the world of meeting scheduling tools is here to save you the day. These innovative solutions make scheduling meetings a breeze, taking care of all the logistics so you can focus on the agenda at hand.


Image showing AI tool Reclaim
Image Credits: Reclaim

So, you're drowning in meetings and struggling to find time for anything else? Reclaim can definitely help. With a flexible time blocking approach, this nifty ai tool helps you prioritize your important tasks, routines, and goals. Originally designed for busy executives, Reclaim is now gaining popularity with folks at all levels. Whether you're a manager or an consultant, Reclaim can help you take back control of your day.


Image showing AI tool Clockwise
Image Credits: Clockwise

Like Reclaim, Clockwise is also a smart scheduling assistant. While there are some overlapping features between the two, there are also some notable differences. Clockwise currently offers certain capabilities that Reclaim does not, and vice versa. If you want to deep dive into what tools suits you best, feel free to check out their websites.

Slide decks and presentations

Beautiful.ai certainly lives up to its name by offering a simplified process for creating stunning slide decks with pre-designed layouts and styles. Users can select colors and choose from a library of royalty-free images to create their presentations. The platform's AI features are integrated throughout the process, from ordering an AI rewrite by highlighting text to dynamically updating data using sliders and tables.

Image showing AI tool Beautiful.ai

What really sets Beautiful.ai apart, however, is its DesignerBot tool. Simply provide a detailed description of the presentation's focus and the desired theme and style, and DesignerBot will generate a polished presentation with multiple slide types and layouts. If you're looking for a presentation sidekick that can streamline the process and help you achieve a sleek and appealing final result, Beautiful.ai is definitely worth checking out.

If you want to find more amazing AI tools check out GrabOn.

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