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The best AI-powered meeting notes.
Across all tools. 15+ languages. Privacy-first.

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Individuals at organizations of all sizes
trust jamie to save time in their busy days.

How it works

Start jamie when
you have a meeting
jamie processes the audio
Automatic generation of summary, transcript & action items
Review summary
& share with one click

Become a
master notetaker

We get it, note taking is annoying. With jamie you will become a master notetaker without lifting a finger. It’s as easy as start, stop, done.

Works everywhere

Use jamie in all your meetings. It works with all tools from Zoom, to Teams, to offline meetings.

No bot

No one likes awkward bots in your calls. jamie works without a virtual bot intruding your calls.

all the details

jamie does not only write up outstanding meeting notes.
It also creates a transcript, extracts tasks & detects decisions.


jamie extracts tasks that are discussed.


jamie detects if a decision was made and captures it.


Looking for a detail? jamie writes a transcript for you.

Find any answer,
without looking for it.

Effortlessly retrieve information from meeting notes with jamie.
Ask any question and get instant answers with relevant meeting references.

Semantic Search

Search your meetings based on semantic meaning to get the answer you are looking for.


All data is stored in Europe and only processed if needed.

Context Aware

jamie gets smarter as you continue to use it by understanding your work context.

Save 10 hours
every week

jamie is packed with features that help you master busy-work
and saves you countless hours every week.

Topic-sorted Notes

jamie detects topics and sorts the notes based on those topics to create a human-like summary.

15+ Languages

Custom Note Templates

Want more control over your notes? Create custom templates
and let jamie fill it out for you.

Hosted in Europe
& GDPR-compliant

Teach Custom Words

You can teach jamie custom words and
acronyms to increase the accuracy of your summaries.

Beyond expectations

jamie is packed with features that help you master busy-work
and saves you many hours every week.

Never take meeting notes again.