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What are Meeting Summaries?

Meeting minutes are a written record of the events that took place during a meeting. They typically include information such as the date, time, a list of topics discussed, decisions made, and any action items assigned. Meeting minutes serve as an official document that provides a historical record of the meeting and helps ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Why are Meeting Summaries so important?


Meeting summaries provide tangible evidence of who attended, what topics were discussed, and any decisions that were made. This helps to ensure that participants are held accountable for their contributions.


Meeting summaries help to create a central repository of information that can be easily accessed and referenced by those who attended the meeting.


Meeting summaries provide a tangible record of the meeting’s outcomes, which can be used as a source of progress and assessment.

How to Share Meeting Summaries From

Amazon Chime

Unfortunately, there is no feature to automatically take and share meeting summaries, which requires you to do it manually. This can be quite tedious and take up a lot of time.  

This is where jamie comes in as a solution.  

jamie is your personal meeting assistant that utilizes advanced AI technology to summarize your meetings and provide detailed meeting summaries. With the click of one button, you can copy and paste your meeting summary to share it with your colleges.

What is jamie?

Meet jamie, the latest AI meeting assistant that summarizes your meetings in no time.

jamie is an AI meeting assistant that can be used across all meeting software programs and even in on-site meeting rooms, without the need for integrations, bots or plugins.

All you have to do is to start jamie, and it does the rest for you.


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With jamie you’ll never have to write a meeting summary manually again.

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Never forget anything from a meeting by having a summary of all meetings you have participated in

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